Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late.

winged eyeliner issues

There is no bigger truth than that. Winged liner is one of the pillars of a good vintage, pin-up/rockabilly looks. It gives that special glamorous touch. With properly styled hair, perfect manicure and your brows on point – winged eyeliner is that cherry on top.

Although mastering a winged liner can be tricky, there are tons of tips and tricks to ease you into it. And, as usual, practice makes perfect. You can check them here, here and here. For inspiration on different styles check this post, you wont go wrong.

Did you have a laugh with the first photo? Because all that is still happening to me and it is so funny. You know the theory of it but when it comes to practice, some days just suck!
Having that in mind you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got my wings down to almost perfection. And I wasn`t even trying.
Shake-y hands, watering eyes and constant blinking usually get in the way, and today, when I wasn`t even trying – I did it!

Maybe I didn`t do it perfectly but I was happy with the result.

Modern pin-up winged liner

So here I am, no wig, just my natural ginger-y hair. And, yes – those are false lashes! One thing worse than doing a winged liner is putting on false lashes.

But patience and practice brought me to a kind of OK result, don`t you think?

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