Violet Rhapsody

As I already said in my previous wig post, a girl can never have too many wigs. Or eyeglasses for that matter but that will be discussed in a separate post.

This post is dedicated to the violet rhapsody, a lovely purple/violet colored wave-y wig from Black candy fashion wigs.

What is so special about Violet Rhapsody?

First thing I noticed when I took it out of the bag was how light weight it was despite the crazy amount of hair (fiber) it has.

The wig comes with a side part and a nice side swept fringe that is just the right length. Why just the right?

I have one other wig with a side swept fringe that is honestly very weirdly shaped and cut. It is hard to style a fringe that mostly ends up in your eyes.

With wigs it is important that they are cut right. Especially around the face, because you are somewhat limited with parting/styling options. This being a normal “cosplay” synthetic wig and not a lace front or a full lace wig. You can read about the differences here.

the violet rhapsody wig review_black candy fashion

Violet Rhapsody in numbers

The wig weighs around 300 grams and is 70 cm long, which makes it a nice long and rich wig, perfect for different styles and looks.

Talking about styles, the wig has a certain fairy vibe, with a dash of anime which would make this model perfect for different cosplay scenarios. I personally don`t do cosplay, but I style the violet rhapsody in cute half up-dos and vintage inspired styles.

the violet rhapsody wig review

How to secure your wig

The size of the wig is adjustable with little hooks in the inside, so you can be sure your wig will stay in place.

Additionally, what I like to do sometimes, when I know I will go a bit crazy with the head movements or just to take the worry of off my mind – I secure the wig on the sides with bobby pins. Or at the back. Depending on what style you are going for you can choose the placement of bobby pins, keeping in mind it should be the part where they are not visible.

the violet rhapsody wig review

Color story

The Violet Rhapsody wig is party straight on the top and on the fringe, but the rest of it is a light wave which contributes to its fairy-looking vibe, gives your mane a nice volume.

This wigs color is a perfect shade of violet, not to pinky, blue or purple – just perfect.
The story behind how I chose this wig is funny because I actually didn`t. I did not know what I actually ordered since it was a “lucky dip” draw. When I opened my parcel I was beyond happy to see a purple colored fantasy wig. They have a great range of that color, be sure to check them out.

I am very happy with how that lucky dip ended up. Violet Rhapsody wig made all my fantasy hair color dreams come true.









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