October started in the most fabulous way here. On the October 1st, Vintage Zagreb festival started taking us back all the way back to 1940s to 1970s. Festival of true vintage/retro nostalgia and pretty pinup girls.

Vintage Zagreb festival polkadots VW vintage car

Vintage Zagreb festival #2

Vintage Festival is a unique blend of culture from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, a period rich in great music, fashion, film, art, dance and design. It is Zagrebs response to a large number of similar festivals recently launched across the whole Europe and aimed to remind people of the best of this interesting period of the mid-twentieth century.

Vintage festival  presents a series of artists who cherish the retro culture, visitors can see the exhibition of old cars and engines as well as hand-made bikes from SentiMental Bikes.

We have also organized  sales of old vinyl records. All interested visitors can participate in dance workshops, led by a renowned team Back to Swing and attend make-up and hairstyle courses. There are also retro barber shop services whose barbers evoke old Zagreb craft shaving that is, unfortunately, already somewhat forgotten.

During the festival there are also fashion shows where Croatian designers present creations inspired by fashion of the 40s, 50s and 60s. For the musical part of the Vintage Festival we have engaged the best local retro bands and DJs. – the organizer.

Last year I wasn`t able to attend so I was super excited when I was asked to participate this year as a pinup hostess. With few other girls we really did have fun and took lots of photos with many visitors and I have to say I enjoyed it very much and was sad when it all came to an end.

Unfortunately the weather was quite bad but it didn`t stop us from having a good time. The music, beauty and fashion booths, dance classes and mini vintage “flea market” made it all into one wonderful experience.

You can check it all out by visiting Vintage Zagreb festival Facebook page and this album, there are so many great amazing photos that truly take you back and you can feel the vintage vibe taking over.

Vintage Zagreb festival-croatiaairlines Ana Perduv Vintage Zagreb festival

Pink hair rockabilly

As you can see through these few days on Vintage Zagreb festival, I had the chance to play with looks and outfits, wigs and my “natural” mint green hair style. Not all the looks made the cut so here are some of my favorites.

The pastel pink wig is from Lush wigs, I recommend it with high praise and love, and if you need more info and details about it you should read my review here.

Vintage Zagreb festival pink hair rockabilly

Although I wish Zagreb had a vintage festival as big as the one in UK or Viva Las Vegas, but I will take what I can get. It will always be too short and too good so we can at least make the best of it and enjoy it to the max.

And here is a lovely video so you can taste the vibe as if you were really there.

All photos and the video, except from the wig ones and the VW are property of Vintage Zagreb festival.


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