With summer almost at an end, I could not help but to look at my IG and see what has been going on since the start of the year. And I have to say a lot, but the one thing that was sticking out was – my hair. All the hairstyles, colors and lengths.

#tbt hairstyles

Doing a post on all the haircuts that have “debuted” this year seemed like a right thing to do and I am sure, the other half of the year will be equally eventful and diverse. I just have to come up with something interesting and new. Doing a #tbt hairstyles is also a way to break that evil and annoying writer block :) The year started with shoulder length natural color (giner-ish). This #tbt hairstyle recap finished with something I never imagined doing – dyeing my hair peach pink. It will be hard to top that one. Except if I go green or teal.

So let`s begin.

Goa Way chopped short bob hairstyle

Ginger messy bun Goa Way hairstyle

Ginger hair top knot hairstyle

Redhead orange hair fringe

Natural ginger updo

Short hair pixie auburn hairstyle

Pixie hair growout bangs

bangs fringe long pixie haircut

Vintage hair long pixie hairstyle

Vintage pinup rockabilly hair style bandana

pinup girl long pixie hair curly

Rockabilly hair bandana long pixie style

Pastel hair crazy colors short bob hairstyle

Which one do you like best?

In your opinion, what should I try next? I would love to hear what you think.

p.s. I have to say one thing before I finish with this post. Olaplex. OLAPLEX. I am sure most of you lucky people who live in the US have heard of this magical potion that saves your hair from coloring damages, especially when it comes to bleaching. Why I chopped of all my hair beginning of March? Because in Jan 2014 I made a mistake of bleaching the sh** of my hair, and since I live in god forsaken wilderness of a country, Olaplex was nowhere to be heard of.

So, after a year and so many different colors, going back to my natural hair was not an easy task. the color would fade in 2 weeks, all that bleach bas just jumping out from beneath, form inside if hair, it was turning green at times and I won`t even start with the dryness and how bad my hair actually was. Bad, bad idea.

I was very skeptical when I was approached by sweet mrs Vanessa from Olaplex in instagram, and her email was eye-opening and life changing. I found an amazing studio where they use Revlon fondant (that is what is on my hair in the last pic) and they did an amazing job. Going from a bit deeper pink, to orange to almost white ends. The last photo does not do the color proper justice, I was so in love with it when I first saw it. And still am. The color lasts 7/8 washes, and the hair is super soft because – Olaplex!

So, if you have any doubts about bleaching your hair – don`t! But be aware, good and quality job does not come at a cheap price. This was not pricey, but don`t expect your hairdresser to do it for 10$.

Now it is almost time for round two, and I think I will go all pink, pastel pink. Can`t wait to show you the results.

p.p.s. can you see how amazingly my hair and bra straps match? :)


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