Mood: Why do I like rainy days so much? A love letter to grey skies

Few hours ago I was walking from one room to another and a feeling washed over me. A feeling of content, calm and inner peace. And a thought flashed through my mind – I really like this weather. A look out the window confirmed nothing has changed since this morning – it is raining.
Why do I like rainy days so much?

To be completely honest, I never did like rain. It is mostly unpleasant experience of cold and wetness, adding depressive mood on top of wet annoyance.

But all that has changed. The perspective has changed. My perspective. Learning to be more present and intentional has enabled me to be more perceptive and appreciative of moments, experiences, people and things.
But this is not a post about how to be more present … I think this post wants to be a love letter to the grey skies.

why do i like rain so much

Grey skies told me to stay in bed.
They whispered, in their soft cloudy manner, there is nothing out there for me.
So I closed my eyes and reached in for my soul.

Waking up to yet another grey morning. Calm and monochrome skies are my company again, droplets of rain sing to my soul and I feel the bliss.

I like the way you look, how you sound and how you don`t taste like nothing at all. I love how your calmness gives me incentive and makes me feel alive. The smell of you spilled all around me gives me power.

Reflections that you present to me as gifts allow me to see true beauty in unexpected places.

a love letter to the grey skies

While I watch you through the window, you being yourself, playing with everything in your way, unapologetically intrusive – you calm me.
While I hide myself from you, I want to see all of your faces.

You put my mind at ease and liberate my soul.

Grey skies told me to stay in bed.
Today I did`nt listen.

Why do I like rain so much?