Halloween inspiration part #2

Hello October you ghoulish month

The most ghoulish of all months is upon us and along with the pumpkin (spice latte) season, preparations for Halloween are in full mode. Halloween inspiration takes a new level each year and I always look forward to next season to see what will people (and clothing brands) come up with.

All I can say, I am never left disappointed.

halloween inspiration

Zombies, Demons and Witches too

Do you remember my last post about Halloween inspiration? This year I decided to browse the pretty dresses, skirts and everything pin-up fashion related instead of Halloween inspired costumes and decor like I did last year. If you need it, click it and check it out.

Here I have for you a sum of my favorite Halloween themed dresses and accessories, starting from British retro, then Sourpuss clothing, HellBunny and then some Erst Wilder to make your outfit really pop!

All the outfits are Halloween inspired, which means we have lots of dead and/or undead prints, hellish and devilish details, and of course it wouldn`t be Halloween without a drop of blood.



hellbunny-halloween inspiration

halloween-inspiration spooky-accessories


  1. British retro
  2. Sourpuss clothing
  3. HellBunny
  4. Erst Wilder + Sourpuss pomade

And, there is no escaping stripes, right?
I know who is the king of stripes, I have only three words for you – Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Or PUG, PUG, PUG!

What did you decide to wear?

Halloween inspiration – part #1


It is that time of the year. Time for layers, pumpkin spice latte (not me!) and Halloween inspiration posts and overall holiday preparation.
Last year I started with costume inspiration and I really went all out with so many choices and styles.Halloween is, alongside Christmas, and first day of spring, and summer and fall and winter, and of course my birthday – my favorite holiday of the year. Favorite day ever!
In fact I made two additional posts regarding Halloween inspiration, one as a costume inspiration sequel and one about food and home decor. If you missed them last year or need to refresh your memory (or pick something else for this year) go and check those posts out.
You can also do further research via my pinterest boards – one and two. Yup, I got you.
The boards contain lots of resources for an amazing Halloween experience, tutorials and how-to`s, DIYs and so much more than I initially posted last year.
pinup halloween inspiration

Halloween outfits for your sinister afterlife

So, this year I decided to go in a different direction. It wouldn`t make any sense to repeat posts from last year. This year I will share my Halloween inspiration through outfit collages with garments that are currently available in our favorite vintage/pin up stores.
And let me tell you, the offer is huge. HUGE!
First I opened Lady V London`s shop and found out that although they don`t have a Halloween inspired dresses they have one that made my day and made the top of my list for next purchases. The CAT dress. And the cat is wearing cat-eye glasses. In my book, that is a must.
Back to the Halloween inspired outfits.
I opened few shops, silently making bets in my head which will have the best offer.
Do I need to say which one won?
Can you guess?
I will just say that after seeing what I saw, there was no way I could focus on anything else.
Needless to say I fell in love. So much I had to give this outfit a separate post.

Enter the PUG perfection.

There are no words to describe my awe.
Nor there is a need for them.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
But, if I were to pinpoint it I would say it is the stripes and the cut, but most of all, the one and only, goddess Micheline. `nuff said, right?
What do you think?
I got your attention and you want more? Stay tuned for my next post where I will share more Halloween inspiration. Many excellent and drool worthy outfits coming your way.


Halloween food and decor



If you are a true Halloween lover, I am sure you already have your Halloween food and decor carefully planned.

Since in Croatia Halloween is not really a tradition, we don’t celebrate it, not in that famous American way with house decorations (and unspoken challenges and competitions whose house is more spooky and ghoulish) but rather and only by going to clubs for themed party. And dressing up accordingly.

I, on the other hand would like to embrace all that holiday preparation, lots of spooky DIYs and making our house the scariest place on earth. I think my neighbors would call the doctors. That would be one hell of a party, I guess.

spooky halloween decor

Haloween decor ideas

Spooktacularly Elegant DIY Halloween Decor Ideas. If you are out of ideas check out my pinterest board for lots of interesting and informative pins.

Every good witch or wizard needs a fine set of apothecary labels for some playful Halloween decorations. Here is a set that will keep your potion making ingredients in order

If you are quite on a budget and still want to decorate in spirit of the holiday, you can always opt for wreaths. Here are some ideas. 25 of them!halloween food inspiration

Haloween food ideas

Bowl of worms anyone?

Poison apples, brain bread, eyeballs etc. All that an more you can find if you check out my board here.
For spider eggs DIY follow this link. It is spooky and fun. But you won`t seem me touching them.

Forget trick-or-treating, host a party! Extra creepy Halloween cocktails that can make any dead party come to life.

spooky halloween food





Halloween costumes inspiration pt2

Almost there!
Halloween is just days away so it is time to share another omnibus of Halloween costumes.

To be honest there are so, and I mean SO, many great ideas and inspirational costumes that I can understand if anyone feels a bit overwhelmed with abundance of choices.

I know I do. So I will resort to oldie but goodie – last minute costume. And there will be a post about that to.

What should you be on this Halloween?!

Here are my recommendations!

Animal kingdom

Animal halloween costume

Look, a deer! A fox and a cute little kitty. Or sexy cat lady? Cat woman?
Choices are endless (almost) and you just need to choose your spirit animal.
I like animal inspired costumes because of, obviously animals, but because of the make-up factor.
It is a challenge and a fun transformation no matter the type of the animal.

What animal would you pick?

Disney characters

Disney halloween costume

There are so many to choose from and whichever you choose, you won`t fail.
My choices would be… Queen of hearts, Mad Hatter and Cruella. To me they seem most colorful.

cartoon halloween costume
disney character halloween costume

Creepy and spooky

spooky halloween costume

Witches, creepy crawlies, spider net and bats… there is no mystery. Alongside with other macabre they make a classic and timeless Halloween costume.

Famous icons

Famous people halloween costume

There are few (or maybe more for some) times a year when you get to be (dress up) someone else.
If you could choose for one day, say Halloween, to be some famous person, who would you be?
There are so many icons to choose from, these are just some of the suggestions I think get picked most.

Couple costumes

couples halloween costume

My favorite costumes are ones made in pair. Or a group. The more the merrier!
Here are some of couples Halloween costumes I found on pinterest and liked oh so very much!
Kudos guys!

When in doubt, be a fruit!

Food halloween costume

This is easy, cheap and quick Halloween costumes idea.

Make your face a costume, or be a comic


I am always in awe with great make up, whether it is just amazing every day/fashion/glamour makeup, or movie, or costume/theater or special effects makeup. Make up artists are like wizards to me. I suck at makeup, but can appreciate great work. If only I had motivation and discipline to learn something. Don`t be like me, learn something. You can do it! Youtube is your friend. So is Pinterest.


halloween costume marry popins flapper girl fortuneteller

Mary Poppins, fortune teller or flapper girl with a twist around the eyes? A little of Halloween spookiness.
Take your pick. I would do all three of them at once if only I could clone myself. These are cute and easy too, fashionable and girly.

What will you be this Halloween? What is your Halloween costume dream? Do you plan long and in detail or go last minute like myself? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



Pin up Halloween costume inspiration


pinup halloween_trick or treat

Trick or treat

Dear October,

You are my favorite month!

It is that time of the year, it is time for pin up Halloween costume inspiration. Halloween is only 10 days away, and I am sure, those who celebrate, especially you guys in the US who have a long tradition of “trick or treat”-ing, are already prepared for the great holiday. Costumes are picked, special house decor is ready, and the trick and the treats are just waiting to be served.

As an homage to the much bellowed holiday I decided to share some of my favorite Halloween costumes, home decor and holiday food. Although in Europe, Halloween is not so popular but the interest is growing. People get inspired by all the inspiring designs and outfits, so even if it not an official holiday here, people sure get in the spirit and show their imagination and craft with amazing costumes.

Since I am a pin up enthusiast, I decided for my first Halloween costumes inspired post, to share pin up Halloween costume inspiration. I like the “ugliness” of Halloween, the macabre and the spookiness, so these costumes are not typically pin up, but rather an omnibus of pin up and zombie land, the walking dead and all the ghoulish vibes I could find.

During these 10 days I will share the rest of the costumes that would be amazing Halloween inspiration no matter if you are dead or alive. And tips for those who are in need of a quick, last minute and cheap/affordable costumes.

 Pinup halloween costume zombie girl pinup halloween costumes Halloween pinup girl costume inspiration

What are your favorite Halloween inspirations?  Tell me your ideas and how do you make your home extra spooky? Also, if you have any quick and easy recipes (I am not much of a baker), feel free to share…