Care tips and tricks for sensitive skin in your thirties

Sensitive skin is more common than you think

I have (very) sensitive skin and since you are reading this, I guess you do too. Sensitive skin is becoming more and more common. Alongside with food allergies and changes to the environment, sensitive skin is one of the top problems for many people.

Sensitive skin tips and tricks

People with a sensitive skin-type can feel like they are in a never-ending battle with their skin. We keep dealing with symptoms such as itchiness, extreme dryness, stinging and redness. Many often give up because finding a proper product to care for your skin can be overwhelming at times.

No matter the age group having sensitive skin is tiresome and a real problem at times, but for the purposes of this post I will talk from a perspective of a thirty-something non smoker, with no particular allergies or ailments.

Also, I will give you my honest opinion about a product I have been using for over a month now, product I found on my own and I am not reviewing it for any compensation. I just want to share my story about sensitive skin and how I found what works for me.

Skin type vs skin condition

Before we dive into the abyss called sensitive skin issues, first I would like to talk about the difference between skin type and skin condition. Sensitive skin is a type (of skin), while a condition is for example eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or allergic contact dermatitis.

The sensitive type

Sensitive skin type is described as type of skin that’s easily irritated or inflamed. It is not a skin condition though. It can, however, be caused by some of the medical skin conditions that I mentioned before.

Sensitive skin is:

  • very dry,
  • has a tendency to turn flushed and red easily,
  • skin reactions are caused by i.e. the environment or particular products.

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is the response of our skin (the organ) to a situation where the top layer – the epidermis – which protects our skin, is no longer as effective.
When that happens irritants have an easy way to get inside deeper layers of our skin and cause problems, irritations, inflammations etc.
In addition to irritations and other problems, when the top layer of skin is compromised, our skin loses moisture which leads to dehydration. Which is so not good.

What can cause sensitivity to your skin?

Many things, ranging from food, medication to ingredients and chemicals, stress levels, genetics, hormonal imbalance. The list goes on and on.

For the purpose of this post I will focus on products as a possible cause of sensitivity in my skin.

Before I tell you my story, I would like to mention few things to STOP doing right now.
Finding a right product for your sensitive skin can be a long process and removing potential culprits can only benefit your current state.

  • Avoid products with detergents or alcohols, perfumes, artificial colors, acids, retinols etc. – chemicals in general
  • Steer away from harsh exfoliants as they can aggravate sensitive skin. Pat, don’t rub, your face (and body) after showering, and finish with a lightweight moisturizer.
  • Showering – DO NOT put your face under the hot water. It dries out your skin even more, and makes it even more red.

Sensitive skin tips and tricks

Sensitive skin story of a thirty-something gal

Oh boy, Where to start? W h e r e t o s t a r t?

To be honest, I don`t remember having my (face) skin so sensitive while I was a kid, or in my teens, not even in my early 20s. I can remember starting to have sensitive skin problems in my mid 20s, and it only got worse from there.

My skin is extremely dry, but it “sweats” during the day so many, many “derma” experts always diagnosed me with combination skin, which was wrong. It took me years to figure it all out, but I guess that is life – you live and learn.

When you talk to your cosmetologists or dermatologists or any skin professional, please give them an extensive background of your skin (issues) so they can get a proper idea of the state you are in.

The issues I had with my skin were itchiness, burning sensations (when using some products), scaly spots, reaction to low temperatures in form of something resembling purple bruises. But the biggest problem I had with my sensitive skin was with face products.

Does coconut oil help?


Since I wrote this post, new information has come to my attention – coconut oil is “comedogenic” which in short means, it clogs your pores. And nobody wants that. Also, I left you a link to read more on comedogenic issues – you are welcome. I decided on that exact site for source because it has an amazing list of all the oils (which we are discussing here right?) their comedogenic rating number and how they help and or affect your skin. Hope this helps.

Even coconut oil. I know. I know. Coconut oil cures everything. But only if it is (super) organic and cold pressed. Extra virgin too! I tried it all. Makes my face red.
And the worst thing it does is – oils it but leaves it scaly and dry. I know it sounds contradictory but that is the fact.

EDIT #2: My face kind of changed (maybe due to the fact I stopped eating meat) and goes good with coconut oil. Regarding aforementioned comedogenic issues from edit #1 – I do not experience any issues when using coconut oil .

REMEMBER: this is NOT “One size fits all” advice, this is from my personal experience and you should use extensive research (especially if you have problematic skin) and common sense.

Face creams

When it comes to face creams, I tried many. Dermalogica, L`occitane, Clarins, Clinique … the list goes on. And on. Avene. La roche posay.

Nothing worked. My face burned like crazy, it blew up red, tomato red and left me in agony because I wanted to rip my face off.

I even tried some baby cremes – those were the worst. But that was on me. I am not a baby, my skin is different, but I thought – babies have “sensitive” skin (not in the same “issue” way as I do), their products must be good for me. Wrong! At least for me.

Then I came at the end of the road. I didn`t know what else I could do.

Dado Sens for sensitive skin

But then I was introduced to Dado Sens line of products. It is a German based line, and their face cream is perfect for my poor tired skin.
Dado sens skin care

Here is what the description on the product says:

Cares for and calms very sensitive facial skin. Strengthens the resistance of the skin. Can prevent reddening, burning and itching. Helps the skin to regain its natural balance. With liquorice root extract, aloe vera, thermal water.

  • Can also accompany therapy for perioral dermatitis
  • Developed for allergy sufferers – Tested for skin compatibility

100 % free from fragrance, colorant, parabens, paraffin, silicone, PEG, animal extracts (VEGAN).

Dado Sens sensitive skin care

I can not say enough about this face cream, so I also bought an eye cream.
No more redness or itchiness, just silky smooth skin. No more scaly skin on my cheeks and chin and finally, thanks to their amazing eye cream I can put something on my eyes.
In addition to sensitive skin I had a problem with all eye creams I ever tried. And regular creams I applied on my eyes (don`t do that!).   Every eye cream so far made my eyes water and burn. Not with Dado Sens.

Gentle soothing care for the sensitive eye area. Visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness thanks to a highly effective combination of organic ingredients, such as caffeine, macadamia nut oil and plum stone oil. The lotion has been dermatologically proven to reduce puffiness.

To treat puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
For more information on ingredients and other products they offer follow the links provided.

My care tips and tricks for sensitive thirty-something skin

If you made it so far – thank you. Thank you so much for reading, this was one long post.
But I wanted to share my story, my experiences and bad decisions regarding sensitive skin care, my journey and what I have learned along the way.
I want to emphasize that this is my story, what worked for me, on me, for my type of skin. Although sensitive skin-type is one type many people have, we all live different lives, have a different genetic and environmental  background and what might have worked for me, might not work for anyone else. But I hope it does.
Dado Sens line is available in Mueller stores in Europe (i bought it in Croatia where I live) but I saw on their website that they sell in US too.
The prices are super nice, around 20 EUR for the face cream.
As a precaution I would advise anyone to patch test the product before using them – especially if they contain unfamiliar ingredients.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, write an email or DM me on instagram.
REMEMBER: this is NOT “One size fits all” advice, this is from my personal experience and you should use extensive research (especially if you have problematic skin) and common sense.