A bag spill – bag essentials and few of my favorite things

A truth (bag) spill

When I was younger I preferred big, big bags that could fit almost everything I own into them. So I lugged through my college (and many after) years with over packed shoulder bags, carrying way more bag essentials than I needed, and for what?!

If there are ladies that really do carry so many things, they need a super big bag, I am happy the bag industry has you covered. I for one decided to try “smaller” bags few years back and my life has changed for the better.
Smaller bag = fewer things I need.

Changing my bag size led me to one conclusion – I never really needed all the stuff I had in my big bag, I just didn´t want my bag to be empty.

a bag spill bag essentials

Bag essentials

Since I changed bag sizes the true meaning of what is essential to go everywhere with me has changed. You could say I became smarter, more conformist and free.

The things I always have in my bag are my wallet, lip balm, red lipstick and a pocket mirror. Arguably I could throw in a mascara but I feel like that leads back to bad habits.
But that is just me.

One thing I will never lose from the list of essentials, no matter how small the bag gets is a bottle of water. The bottle doesn`t fit in this lovely striped little bag, but it is always with me. I carry my water in my hand or in a canvas tote (I know this is laugh worthy – sizing down only to be wearing not one but two bags) especially if I take my camera with me. But I usually just carry it in my hand.

Few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite things bag essentials

Aside from the essentials that are always in my bag, few of the things in this photo  I use/wear often, or they are really dear to my heart. And of course they make a nice #flatlay elements.

When it comes to jewelry, I will always choose gold over silver. Although I admire silver pieces, I just don`t like them in combination with my skin tone. I feel kind of out of place.

Whereas gold is my spirit element, my true form and I just love it.
Recently I started mixing different styles. As you can see at the moment I am experimenting with indie pieces, girly looks and whimsical shapes.

Different women have different bag requirements and bag needs, what are yours?