So you bought a wig?!
After you selfie-fy the hell out of your first purchase, the first thing you need to start thinking of is what is next (except buying another wig?!) on the wig agenda.
If you by any chance bought a human hair wig, please do your research and don’t take my advice – because this is synthetic wig care – how to wear, care, brush and wash your wig. Synthetic wig.

I did my research even before I made my first purchase and there is a ton of information available out there. So don`t be scared or overwhelmed, I got you.

From Annabelle`s wigs I have taken this screenshot that pretty much explains it perfectly. Brush, soak, rinse, soak, rinse. For more details follow the picture below.

Synthetic wig care

wig carewig care drying


Now that  you kind of have an idea how it all goes, let`s see step by step details.


Brushing a wig is important and it is more important to do it a proper way or you just might ruin your wig completely.
ALWAYS use a wide tooth comb, never a brush (although there is a brush in a photo above, but trust me, use a comb). Why? A brush can pull out so many hairs and, we don`t want that right?

Always, and I really mean ALWAYS start your brushing in small sections, and from the ends up to the roots. Be gentle and cautious, watch out for knots and try to untangle them carefully without cutting. At times, there can be a knot that you just need to cut out. Do it wisely and carefully.

You don`t need to brush your wig each day, or every time you wear it (and of course it is all individual and depending on the situation, if you wore the wig for a whole day, had lots of product and playing with it, it might be wise to brush it before storing it) and you should be smart about the way you store it. I store mine in their zip-lock bags in a large box stored in my closet. Throwing your wig randomly will cause it to tangle, it will get dirty and easily destroyed.

Check out this wig video. Easy peasy.


When it comes to washing the most important thing to remember again is – be gentle. And remember, this is a post for synthetic wig care – how to wear, care, brush and wash your wig.
For human hair do your own research.

I have found different info on shampoo subject, you can either use shampoo for synthetic hair as Alexa advises in her video.
An example on how to wash your wigs is posted on Lush wigs blog.

Never twist or be harsh and aggressive to your wig.


Wearing a wig can be so much fun and maintaining a good wig shape and look is not hard in any way.

One other thing important to wig owners it how to get rid of the shine – simply use baby powder or talc. Apply it gently with your comb and voilĂ !

I hope you enjoyed my little wig guide and that it was helpful. For any questions and suggestions hit the comments or email me.

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