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It looks like summer is coming to an end. Leaves all crunchy and dry, trees slowly shedding their “clothes”. This was a quick snap in our front yard, taken as we came home from work. I have to say I always feel kind of self-conscious when taking photos for my blog. I don`t know why, but I always feel like I am doing everything wrong and that I should really just – quit. Is this resistance speaking or am I just so insecure? I guess I am not the only one with that “problem” and I am just going to have to push through that awkwardness, right? I mean, I had few blogs before, where I was finding myself and my voice, the name of my persona and I had photos posted but always had that feeling something was not right.
If you have any advice please feel free to share, comment or send me a letter – I am always available and I would love to hear your input.

blond pin up stripes orange heels black skirt

Stripes and orange shoes or how I became a pin up

Going pin up was a recent choice of mine, although I have been in love with retro/vintage/pin up from since I was a child. I always roamed through my moms and grand moms closets, relatives` attics and enjoyed visiting flea markets. I admire all the girls and ladies that channel that true and authentic form of any past decade, but for me mixing it with “new” stuff is kind of more relatable. My favorite decade are for sure the `50s but then again there is something appealing in those crazy fun `80s. Before “going pin up” I was always inspired by the movement, the style, their philosophy, beauty and fashion. Spicing up any outfit with some pin up details was something so natural for me that I just couldn’t resist the calling.

Introducing pin up style to my life and style was easier than I expected and I never felt more natural and “at home”. Although I have days when I feel (and wear) more modern than retro/pinup, I still tend to keep up the appearances, have some detail that speaks pin up.

Today was quite hot and there were numerous times I wished for fall already to come. I am kind of done with summer and keep daydreaming of cooler temperatures, longer sleeves and maybe even boots.
Maybe you don`t know but stripes are my favorite thing in the world. And leopard print. Since I don`t live in that great country that has PUG and other amazing pin up brands, I have to make my style work with brands available and that won`t bankrupt me.
I can say that these pieces, I am currently wearing are my favorite. I fell in love with the skirt in a second and this striped top was actually a body, but well – snip snip – and voila!

 Skirt / Reserved * Striped top / H/M * Leopard print bag / Stradivarius * Shoes / Zara * Watch / Fosil * Bracelet / vintage custom made one of a kind :) by one Croatian sculptor

 Are you already getting ready for fall too?
How did you “became” a pin up?


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