If you remember this post – then you might know I have a thing for green hair. Green everything. And if you remember this post you probably know my favorite shade of green is mint.
So no wonder my March inspiration is mint green pin-up spring.

spring inspiration
I don’t know why but when I think of spring I think – mint green.

With warmer weather we get rid of the heavy layers and dull depressing colors (if you are like me and wear mostly black and grey during fall and winter). Days are getting brighter and longer, sun is shining and flowers begin to bloom. Nature is again bright-colored and pretty.

Mint hair I don`t care

pinup mint green hair

As I already said, there is something magical and so appealing in this lovely pastel minty shade of green. If only my ginger hair would turn perfectly minty over night without bleaching and destroying my hair.
For those lucky enough living in the US there are crazy beautiful pastel shades available at overtone that are vegan and harmless for your hair.
How come?

Overtone color is basically not a permanent color regime but a colored conditioner that dyes your hair and keeps it hydrated and conditions it deep and with every wash. This way you keep your perfectly pastel minty hair always the same shade. The only problem is bleaching if you are not naturally light blond. 

Spring road trips are made of minty cars, living of cupcakes and wearing PUG

mint green pinup spring pastel green pinup pinup girl clothing spring

When it comes to clothes, not much needs to be said. Swing dresses and skirts in lovely shades of pastel and minty green are pretty much anyone needs these days, right? Although there are many awesome brands whose clothes I would so much like to own (like Collectif clothing, Sourpuss, Vivien of Holloway, British retro etc) this time I used pretty pictures from Lena Hoschek (cake tea party) and Pinupgirl Clothing.

A girl can dream, right?

Beautiful combination of pink gingham and flower mint green skirt is from wonderful miss Finding Femme, that always enchants me with her looks and outfits.

Easter is close so, Easter bunny please bring me something nice and lady like. In gingham or polka dots, stripes and plaid. Make it paste green and pink!

Happy Spring to all of you!


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