“There is a shade of red for every woman” – said one of the biggest icons (not only fashion wise because she was so much more than a pretty face) of our time, Audrey Hepburn. And it is true, red has many shades and I am sure there is a right shade of red for every woman in the world.

With this topic I would like to start my small themed set of posts called “Pinup style edition” that will, in short present my take on mid-century fashion and beauty.

Pinup style edition: red kiss

When it comes to shades of red for my lips, I like them juicy and bright red. The reddest red shade with only red tones is what I will choose any time of the day. Normally, I don`t wear lipstick that much, to be honest. And that is for two reasons; first being that I find it very very hard to find that perfect red shade that won`t become pinkish or orange-y when I put it on – which usually happens. So far I had a hard time finding that perfect red shade, I always settled with something “close” but not quite “right”. For some reason all lipsticks, no matter how red they look while off, seem pink when on my lips.

I did a bit of digging and entertaining the thought of buying a new red lipstick, and found few that seem deliciously perfect.
1941 – Victory Red Lipstick Special Edition from Besame cosmetics looks really good, but maybe a bit too dark for what I am actually looking for – BUT – i like the darker shade to my own surprise so very much. Will put it on the list.

I didnt expect to get mind-blown by Lime crime velve-tin matte liquid lipstic, but I was, so much. My shade would be “Red velvet”. It look so good. Red Rose shade is also very nice, bit darker.

From Urban Decay I would pick the shade DOUBT (hahaha pun intended) from their Vice lipstick collection.

LeKeux Cosmetics has the most fabulous name if you ask me and a pretty nice shade of red – Whistle Bait.


So, you got the idea that red lips are one of the staples of a classic pinup look. Don`t get me wrong, you can wear any shade you like, or need to – but red lips with black winged liner are what pinup look is well known for, at least when it comes to make up.

Aside from red lips, as I mentioned above, winged liner is another staple in classic pinup look.
When it comes to winged liner most girls and women get discouraged of trying it because it seems so complicated to master. And for me – it is! But fear not. There is a solution for everything and one of the reasons I decided to work more on my blog and start “Pinup style edition” is because I want to share the goods and the bads of life as a pinup. A woman. A person in this wast universe.

So back to the winged liner. I tried it all. Liquid liners, sharpie looking liners, brushes with tips like this or that and nothing worked for me. Also I dont like the way my eyes and face look with that harsh black liner. I am white as a paper and pure black is too sharp/edgy/hard for me.

What did I do to make it work?
After I found what works for me, I wear winged liner every single day. And in any color I wish.

How did I make it work?

I use eye shadow. Plain and simple. Regular eye shadow.
When it comes to the shade of my “liner” I use dark grey anthracite eye shadow to draw wings on my eyes.
To make my wings I use a simple regular brush like this. [ TBH I actually use my lip liner brush to make my wings but the one on the link is the next best thing. My best advice is – see for yourself what works for you (and maybe only you). ]

It took me some time to learn my face, to get familiar with my skin and to figure out how to work the brush for the best result.

And let me tell you, it was a game changer for me.

Do you remember my winged liner issues from this post? How I wish I knew then what I know now. But, you live and learn. And share your knowledge with the world.

[ A little side note
Do you like my graphics for this post?
I hope you do. They were made in Canva, but I will share my tools and the process of making my graphic with you soon in a separate post.]

With lips and eyes out of the way, to nail the famous pinup look all the way you need to pay attention to your hair and nails. Before we continue, let me emphasize this:

There is no right or wrong way to do this, and by this I mean “be a pinup”. I have seen so many people hazing others around the world, in real life but mostly on social media and put them down because in their opinion they did it  – wrong.
Sure, there are some “rules” that were made in 1950s, and by rules I dont mean rules you need to blindly follow, but the rules that describe and help us understand how women of that time wore their clothes, did their hair and makeup.
Having those guidelines and not rules you are free to develop your own pinup style and make it special the way you want to.

With that said, lets talk hair.
Pinup hair is one big special area where I personally have the least expertise (I dont think I have any expertise anywhere, I just manage my life barely.), but thank god we have internet these days that makes it possible for us to watch tutorials from those who rock their hair like – Miss Rockabilly Ruby, Cherry Dollface or Ashley Marie.

For all the step-by-step tutorials please go and watch their tutorials, they have you covered all the way.

What I will share here with you hair wise is this:

Types of pinup hair styles!

This way you will have the basic idea what you are looking for and where to find it.

  1. Victory rolls (what I have in my photo above)
  2. Page boy
  3. Boufant
  4. Bettie Page hair
  5. Chignon
  6. Finger waves
  7. Pixie cut a la Audrey Hepburn
  8. different updo`s or half updo`s including victory rolls and curls

….. aaand, last but not least – Nails.
When it comes to nails the most famous modern pinup nail style is red half moon by Dita von Teese, but it is good to know that women really painted their nails that way back then.
Nowadays (modern) pinups wear their nails in almond shape, usually red (with or without aforementioned half moon).
If you prefer your nails not so long, of in gel – that is OK. We all have our own ideas of beauty and how we like to go about things and wear them, like I have my nails with white tips in this photo – red is no where to be found.

Although it is said that red nail polish is one of the staples of a classic pinup look, do as you are pleased.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, anyway.

I hope you liked the first post of my Pinup style edition blog series. If you have any suggestions what to include – leave a comment, email me or find me on social media.




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