I love glasses. Especially, I LOVE  pin up inspired vintage cat eye glasses.
vintage cateye glasses frames light blue

vintage cateye glasses detail

vintage  frames light blue detail_2

vintage cateye glasses frames light blue side

Glasses are such an amazing piece of accessory and I am guilty of owning a piece or two… (or 5) and some of them are even not prescription glasses. My eye sight if fairly good, so wearing glasses is really and only a fashion statement (some would say) – but, I genuinely love wearing them. They somehow make a look (an outfit) so much better. They make a point. They are a cherry on top.

These wonderful frames are from Vintage Optical shop, they offer a wide variety of stunningly beautiful vintage inspired frames, be sure to check out their etsy shop. It was so hard to even browse their shop without yelling “I want these” every few seconds and without bookmarking every other pair of frames. I have to admit, I haven`t found a store yet that has so many wonderful frames to offer. Each pair is more beautiful than the other.

Jewelry takes people`s minds off your wrinkles
-Sonja Henie

Isn`t that true, or what? And I am not saying that because one should worry about ageing, wrinkles or be tormented by the age race, but because, let`s face it, we tend to get these worries from time to time no matter how much we try not to, how much we train our brains to see the beauty in everything.

I am saying this because I see glasses as one of the ultimate jewelry pieces, and sure, they help with all that wrinkle situation if you need them to.

For me glasses are the ultimate jewelry piece because they make me feel powerful, more secure and less self-conscious. I am not much of a statement necklace or bangles, maybe I would do statement earrings and rings, but I would, definitely without a hesitation wear glasses as a statement piece. No matter how big of a statement they are, if they made me feel like a queen of the world – I`d wear the hell out of them.

Pin up inspired vintage cat eye glasses are especially dear to me because of that amazing charm and chic vibe they have and that transforms women into instant movie stars. OK, I adore them too because I am a pinup enthusiast as well, but the movie star reference is true none the less.

I just remembered, how when I was a kid I hated wearing them (I had to at that time). Maybe because my parents didn˙t have the same fashion perspective as I have now, I am fairly sure they only considered the functionality of the frames, and maybe paid certain attention to the color. If someone told 10 year old me that I will be a passionate lover of glasses one day I would not believe them and would probably laugh to their face. Vintage cat eye glasses my ass! I am glad that we change some of our opinions as we grow up. Loving animals and pizza should never change, no matter how old we are.

What about you, ladies and gents? Where do you stand on this matter? Do you wear them only because you need them or do you like to make a statement even if your sight is just fine?

I would like to hear about it in the comments and be sure to recommend your favorite brands!





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