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Trick or treat

Dear October,

You are my favorite month!

It is that time of the year, it is time for pin up Halloween costume inspiration. Halloween is only 10 days away, and I am sure, those who celebrate, especially you guys in the US who have a long tradition of “trick or treat”-ing, are already prepared for the great holiday. Costumes are picked, special house decor is ready, and the trick and the treats are just waiting to be served.

As an homage to the much bellowed holiday I decided to share some of my favorite Halloween costumes, home decor and holiday food. Although in Europe, Halloween is not so popular but the interest is growing. People get inspired by all the inspiring designs and outfits, so even if it not an official holiday here, people sure get in the spirit and show their imagination and craft with amazing costumes.

Since I am a pin up enthusiast, I decided for my first Halloween costumes inspired post, to share pin up Halloween costume inspiration. I like the “ugliness” of Halloween, the macabre and the spookiness, so these costumes are not typically pin up, but rather an omnibus of pin up and zombie land, the walking dead and all the ghoulish vibes I could find.

During these 10 days I will share the rest of the costumes that would be amazing Halloween inspiration no matter if you are dead or alive. And tips for those who are in need of a quick, last minute and cheap/affordable costumes.

 Pinup halloween costume zombie girl pinup halloween costumes Halloween pinup girl costume inspiration

What are your favorite Halloween inspirations?  Tell me your ideas and how do you make your home extra spooky? Also, if you have any quick and easy recipes (I am not much of a baker), feel free to share… 



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