There is really nothing better than to be able to change your appearance on a whim. But that is often hard and dangerous for your hair.
Thank god wigs are more affordable than ever!

Enter the luscious red curly Kelly wig from Annabelle`s wigs.

I am happy to be able to review (I bought it for my self and no it is not a sponsored post!) my first wig ever!
This was a long, long process and I have wanted to buy a wig for some time but never took the plunge. I was always worried I would spend money and buy a really crappy product.

Because, what did I know about wigs, anyway?!

Research. Research. And some more research.

It is the imperative to do proper research so you can really get your money`s worth. Except of course if you are blessed enough that money is not an issue.

The research

There are many, so many great wig producers and sellers  – my head was spinning for weeks. At first I was very overwhelmed with the fact most of them are from the US, which for me is a big problem since I am Europe bound. Customs and shipping costs are enormous so be extra careful. Of course customs rates vary from country to country, but I believe they are all kind of the same, making the US purchase quite expensive.

Once I was almost ready to give up and just embrace the fact I will be a short-haired pin-up for some time, I came across miss PsychoCat and her wigs.
Of course I asked her a bunch of questions and she led me to – Annabelle`s wigs.

Yes! I was back on my path filled with enthusiasm and hope. I am going to feel that hair, long and red, and luscious and curly.

The color

I have to say Annabelle`s wigs have too many wigs – just kidding. I mean, for a newbie they have.
I was lost in all the wonderful designs, each one more pretty and attractive then the others.
Should I go red, ginger, black or brown? Or maybe pastel? Some crazy color?

Choices. Choices. Possibilities!

Since I am a natural-born ginger, I decided to go with something similar because of my complexion and brow color. And because it would be kind of most familiar to me.
The color I had most of my life. Kind of. While I did not dye it, at least.

There is a number of red-ish wigs to choose from so once again I had a choice to make.

Not to bright or to light, but dark just enough – luscious red curly Kelly wig from Annabelle`s wigs was the perfect choice for my first wig.

The experience

That feeling when the postman arrives and brings you your much expected package and you just go crazy? – I did not have it with my luscious red curly Kelly wig from Annabelle`s wigs.
I was in fact out of the country and the minute I got home I had my hands on the package. This photo was taken few minutes upon the arrival home. Who care about unloading the car?!

The perfection that luscious red curly Kelly wig from Annabelle`s wigs can`t be described – you have to feel it.
The wig is rich and lush, the curls are perfectly shaped, not too big or too small. The color is amazing, and I  like it how it changes its shades with different light – it is like I have few different wigs and not just one. The one.

Wearing a wig is simple and so satisfying. I am able to change my look and still have my old simple hair style that is growing out. The change is drastic but gentle on my natural hair – there is no damage, no stress. I can switch between the two when I want to and be sure that I won`t end up bald.

The wig feels natural and very comfortable.

Of course there is more to wearing a wig than just – wearing it. There is a matter of de-shinning it and taking care of it while you are not wearing it. And of course – wig washing.

I will share with you the research on the matter too, and all the tips I found, and consider to fit my and my wig experience the best.

the end.

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