I am not normal.

I don’t want to be.
I don’t pretend to be.

I am me.


Leopard pinup red wig Leopard pinup

wig: Annabelleňôs wigs

Hello lovelies!

It is your friendly leopard pin-up talking.
Today was a good day, I woke up inspired and driven. Driven to make something pretty and fun.

Of course I decided to play a little dress-up, sporting my luscious red wig from Annabelle`s wigs (I wear it a lot, don`t I?) and my beloved 1980s leopard blazer that often substitutes as a shirt (love it when garments can be used in few different purposes).
I was super happy when I found this piece on an online second-hand community, I ordered it right away although it was several sizes to big for me – it turned out amazingly usable, going perfectly with my wardrobe and style. Like an unusual funky detail. Oversized more than anything. I hope I will get to show it of more here soon.

Sun was shining, so it was a perfect opportunity to snap wonderful photos in natural light.
What a glorious day!

I am totally crazy about my manicure, it goes perfectly with my shirt, right? Usually I don’t wear my nails so long, because it is hard to type with them and my work is all type, type, type. But when I do wear them, I poke my eyes accidentally often.


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