A girl can never have too many shoes, bags, lipsticks or wigs. Yes my friends, I have added one more to my wig collection. In this new wig review I will present you this majestic pastel wig Just peachy lace front wig by Zella Rose Wigs.

just peachy zella rose wig

Lace front wig vs regular non-lace wig

Just peachy lace front wig by Zella Rose Wigs is my first lace front wig. I have been wanting to buy one for quite some time. So when opportunity presented I did it and as it seems I purchased the last one in stock. Lucky me!

The main difference between lace front wigs and “regular” wigs (non-lace) is the material of the cap.

The difference

With the lace front, you have the front of the wig that is “made” from lace. “Lace” that is a gentle “lace” looking material with strands of hair glued onto it. To me it looks more like tulle than lace.

The regular ones have some other material and strands of hair are glued in rows with gaps in between.

Lace front wigs create an illusion of real hair with (mostly) changeable parting parts, as where the regular (non-lace) wigs do not offer that option.

With regular non-lace wigs you are confined to the fringe-parting style you bought. Long side swept fringes will never become middle parting fringe or you will never be able to pull them up in an up do.

With lace fronts you can do that. You can create several different styles, change the parting, experiment and add your unique personal touch.

Just to note, there are full lace wigs too that offer even more flexibility (as I have read), but since I do not own any I can`t talk from my own experience.

Just peachy lace front wig is a pastel dream magnificence

I do not remember exactly how I stumbled upon Zella Rose wigs, but boy am I glad I did.
The moment I saw Just peachy lace front wig by Zella Rose I knew it had to be mine, because I have never ever seen anything like it. The perfect color combo of ginger-peach-pink pastel shades that blend seamlessly.

Just peachy lace front wig pastel dream

What is Just peachy all about

Just peachy is super long lace front wig – 22 inches, with huge bouncy curls. It is the longest wig I own and for me personally takes time to get used to it, since I have never ever had hair long like that.

The wig is resistant to high temperature which means you can curl it more or straighten it (and make it even longer), but of course do that with care and caution as you would with your natural hair. It is synthetic hair and it will burn if you expose it to too much heat.

Just peachy is not only long but very thick and rich, giving you a nice luscious mane worthy of a lion. The wig has an adjustable cap to increase fit and comfort, little “hooks” to add security and you don`t need to apply glue.

How to style Just peachy lace front wig?

If you go over to Zella Rose website you can see that the wig comes with a center parting. Personally, I did not like that because I have a small face and all this hair just eats me up. So, I tried a few different ways of styling, just tried to find what works best for me.

just peachy wig up-do

How to style a wig

As you can see I decided to try a half up-do with a messy top knot, and it worked very well. Don`t be surprised if you have a bit of a challenge with securing the bun (knot) on top of your hair, since this is a wig and you have way more hair than usual.

Hair is heavy too and when you secure it with pins or whatever you are using – be very careful and gentle so you don`t break your wig (cap).

If you want to change the side of your parting you can do it easy with just a blow dryer or curling iron. Just go over the new parting with some heat and that will “seal” the hair in place. Be careful with the amount of heat, you don`t want to burn/melt your wig.

Just peachy side part wig

zella rose wig review just peachy wig

Wig care

Taking care of your wig is one of the most important things when it comes to long quality wig life. Store it properly in zip-lock bags, away from dust and liquids, or anything that could make it dirty or sticky. You know what I mean.

How to wash your wig

Washing your wig is an easy task and how often should you wash it depends on how often you wear it and in what conditions. You will know when it is time to wash it by the smell if nothing else.

I don`t wear my wigs every day, my home is cigarette free and I avoid wearing my wigs to coffee shops etc. But if you wear them daily and in different conditions you should was your wig more often.

You can see the detailed post about washing your wigs here.

Removing that shine

Also,  “de-shining” your wig is an important process of your wig wearing, which means you might need to wash your wig even if it did not get worn often and in smelly conditions. Why?
There are few ways to de-shine your wig. One is by leaving it soaking in a bucket for 5-7 days in fabric softener (I haven`t tried that one yet). Second is “bathing” your wig with talc/baby powder.

In my experience, with some wigs I had no problem when I applied baby powder. With peach and one other (new) wig I experienced some stickiness and ends being more coarse. Also the wig was full of static electricity which is a horrible experience when you want to brush your wig out or wear it.

When that happens – wash your wig. I use the same shampoo and conditioner as for my own hair. Be gentle and careful. Leave it to dry on a head stand or on a dry towel nicely laid down on my dresser. It takes a day or so to dry.

….and that is it folks!

I have few more wig styles I plan share with you. A long curly purple wig and a new “short” red lace front.

Wow, this post ended up being longer than I could ever imagine. I hope you don`t mind.
If I forgot anything feel free to ask. You have the comment section and my social media to ask anything and everything.







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