Every morning you have two choices: to sleep with your dreams, or to wake up and chase them


Live life intentionaly

Hi everyone!

Today I felt like sharing few of my favorite inspirational quotes I stumbled upon recently. Although all my previous posts have been fashion and/or outfit related, I want to introduce this topic, or maybe even series of topics that mean a lot to me and are a big part of my life – quotes. Writing in general, blogging, tips and tricks and how to live more intentional are something that I care about a lot and devote certain amount of time to, so I would like to share some of the observations, projects or just musings and inspirations with you. I hope you don`t mind.

Sometimes, hell, many times in life you get scared, discouraged and plain confused about what road to take, should you embark that journey or should you even get up in the morning. We feel disconnected with ourselves, with others, with world in general.

I sure feel that way sometimes.

I especially feel that way when it comes to my job. That is one hot mess all by itself, and the fact that I don`t like it (I used  this word instead “hate” on purpose, because I don’t want the “hate” negativity and vibe even to cross my mind – training!!) makes things even harder. I could have made different choices in the past, but well, that is in the past and it will never come back, I can’t change the past, but there is no point in kicking yourself because of it.

Don`t look back, you`re not going that way.

Instead, decide to be positive. Embrace the lessons of the “mistakes” you`ve made in the past. Recognize the guilt, but transform it to fuel that pushes you forward rather than letting it eat you inside out. Same goes for critiques. And especially when they are more other peoples negativity than criticism. Learn to know the difference. Learn to let it go.

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Do not compare yourself to others. just don`t. Instead – trust your soul.


trust your soul quote

Your soul is a wonderful being, so inspiring and powerful – but usually we are not aware of that, we are in deep, deep sleep of unawareness and disconnection from out true self. From our soul. She knows what is best for us. She is powerful, intentional, and wants only the best for you. She is pure love and magic.

Be kind. Train your mind to see the good in everything.

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