How to be yourself?

how to be yourself nner bliss

Fall in love with yourself…

… because you are perfect – just the way you are.

Self love seems like one of the hardest things to master in life, yet it feels so natural to embrace it when you finally quiet down all the voices around you.

Be you, bravely. People don`t have to like you and you don`t have to care. The only thing you have to do in life is – be happy. The only person you have to like in life is you. And when you do, nothing else matters.

You can`t change what is going on around you until you change what is going on within you.

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Inner bliss is my ultimate goal in life. Everything I do is in order to be and to stay happy and blissful.

That is why I decided to start a series of posts under the category “inner bliss” and give my take on various methods and things that help me achieve it, and to discuss matters that go hand in hand with inner well being. Kind of like a spa for the soul.

Why is it important to be yourself?

Because being anyone else is so very effing exhausting. It takes too much time and too much energy. Being your self is much easier and more rewarding when it comes to inner peace and happiness. And that it is what life is all about, right?

The way you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Life is a projection from the inside out. If you are not treating yourself well, you are not treating others and you can`t expect them to treat you good in return. It is a vicious cycle, many of us don`t realize until it is too late.
If you don`t see your worth, you will always attract people who don`t see it either. It is simple as that. Energy produces and attracts same energy. We are all energy. Vibration. Start vibrating goooooooood. (I got carried away with that one, right?)

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Ignorance is bliss, right?

We go through life by observing the world around us, we mimic and mirror the behaviors of others that we are told are desirable, but no one tells us to look closely within us, to look for answers, happiness, love… everything we need – inside.

We go through so much education, yet no one teaches us how to love ourselves. How to accept, embrace and respect the person we are and are trying to become.

We end up being victims, instead of being empowered and being able to empower others to tune in to their true self.

How to be yourself inner bliss

There is one phrase I really do not like – “Fake it till you make it”. Why dull your own sparkle by trying to be someone else? The world needs your sparkle, don`t you dare deny us of that!

How to be yourself?

Easy. Just be.

Ok, now you are thinking – “OK, but really, how? If it were that easy, anyone would do it!”.

And that really is the truth. But people are scared, it is like self doubt has been embedded in our DNA through the years of “evolution”, and now we are almost born with it, programed a certain way.

Well, it is not the truth! The truth is, every moment of every day choose what makes you happy, truly, honestly happy. And what is true and unique to yourself. You will recognize it by the way you feel. If it makes you happy – do that. That is your soul guiding you towards your inner bliss, towards your dreams and happiness. Listen to it.
If it makes you feel bad, or like it is hard, too much work to do and kind of fake – stop that. Just leave that vibration, that place and state of mind and take a break. Go do something simple and joyous.
Re-calibrate your brain into choosing only happy stuff, and bit by bit, day by day self doubt, fears and fake expectations will dissolve like fog and true your will emerge.
Even if you forgot about it.

Avoid people that bring you down, that complain (about you or anything in life) that are negative and that dull your sparkle.
OK, sometimes those people can not be avoided, so you will have to do a magic trick called “not accepting their gift”. Imagine their feelings like a nicely wrapped gift full of those emotions they are spewing towards you. That is not a nice gift in fact and what you need to do is – return to sender.

… and who am I? ( has that “I`m Gossip girl” ring to it)?

I am someone that likes glitter and sparkle, donuts and unicorns, shinny things but will make a blog post about happy things in life with mostly dull colors and black and white.

That is me. I love monochrome minimalism with same fierce fire as I love mismatched prints and pastel colors.

I am a person that can`t watch animal documentaries because I cry and I cry because someone always eats someone else. Which is nature. Life. But it makes me sad.

For sure, there are many things to mention about myself, that might be contradictory but that is life. Sometimes you are sad, because you are an imperfect human striving and fighting for happiness in life. That is called contrast. Without one we could not appreciate the other, but focus your life on the positive one. Change and trade in the negative for positive, always.



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