Monday. Lunch break. It is the perfect time to post a holiday 2015 recap – Šibenik / Solaris / Čiovo adventure that took place last week. Oh, I already miss the salty air, the wind blowing and the smell of sunscreen devouring the beach. It was short but sweet.

I even got some tan, really, not worth mentioning but to me it is like I got Ross Gellar tan.

Besides spending my day’s beach bound, relaxing by the pool and looking at the waves, I even took some time to explore the city of Šibenik while most of the people were still very much asleep. Early mornings are my favorite time of day and spending time in as old city with rich heritage as Šibenik is, is just so calming and fulfilling. It is a historic city with breathtaking architecture and art, so it was easy to get lost in all the small streets and passages. I will share city photos in my other post later in the week, so stay tuned.

Have you ever had the opportunity to sit on the stairs on the roof? I did. and it was… freaky but good.

Amazing crepes are available for you, dear readers, welcome tourists and basically everyone, at the most charming restaurant on the island of Čiovo called Rarita Korniža. I tried their octopus salad and pasta with salsa and fried chicken, it was so delicious. 

Šibenik main square cathedral stepsŠibenik old townŠibenik holiday 2015


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