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Hi there,

my name (at least the pinup one) is Goa Way and this is my (new) blog. I have been around the blogosphere for quite some time, with different names and topics; and I have decided to start this blog as something like vintage inspired, pinup oriented (personal) diary.

Some might know me as author of No chic, Sherlock! blog, mainly fashion oriented, but also about art, design, life, cooking etc.

Why the change?
Well, to be honest I kind of lost the connection to “persona” behind NCS, the vibe was just not there and the whole name and brand of it all did not really connect with me on deeper personal level so I got bored, unsatisfied and felt like I was miserably failing at something I didn`t even enjoy. So I gave it time off. I gave me time to figure out what I wanted out of blogging/fashion and went from there.

At the same time I kind of decided vintage style was something I felt most comfortable with, more than what was happening at NCS at least, so the change came naturally after several months of thinking and deciding what to do.

What can you expect here at Goa Way?
Lots of vintage inspired posts and musings. 1950s inspired editorials, DYI projects and tutorials, pin up outfits and occasional recipe, or two. All in all, life of a modern (pinup) girl who loves vintage.

While you wait for my next post feel free to visit and follow my instagram page that sums it all up.

I am wearing Audrey mint green dress from Lindy bop, Atmosphere bow pumps (old), Calzedonia stockings and vintage jewelry.


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