Yes, hello March, indeed. How is it March already?!

Hello March

Hello March, I am so happy you are here!
I know I am few days behind from properly greeting the month at its beginning, but that is me – a crappy writer that gets mowed down by resistance every single day. I look it in the eyes, right there, we are at a stand-off – and then I just take the remote. But Steve is right, he knows the shit. Go – read! Save yourself. Hello March, I am so happy you are here!

Not that anyone reads me, but yes I took a huge break from blogging, or better to say “pretending to blog”, hoping I will reboot, recharge and come back all fresh and ready to fill the pages with new-found wisdom. That, as you can see, did not happen. But I did the one thing that I never thought I will have the courage to do. Or the opportunity for that matter. I quit my job.

I juts up-ed and left. Well not exactly. I had a secret plan that was brewing for month and half, and then I just op-ed and left the company. It was so deliberating. Eye-opening. Now, a month (and 10 days or so) since I have been home, self-employed and free. It feels like it was yesterday I called my boss on Jan 2nd, on a Saturday morning and said – I quit! It feels like yesterday when I sent my resignation letter on a first working Monday of 2016, to which no one ever replied, not even a single shred of recognition. It feels like yesterday when I came to my former office and found all the big fishes turning their heads away, not wanting to talk to me, as if I divorced them and took everything they had.

It feels like yesterday, that moment when my heart was calm and in place because this feeling of peace was there, rooted deep and I knew that this was the best decision I ever made. Business related.

And yet, it feels like it has been months, ages since then. It feels like another life. So far and distant.

This entry is more about that, while I still remember it relatively fresh – I want to have this written down and saved so I can remember it as the biggest move of my professional life, the move I never thought I had courage to do. Of course I was not alone in that but still, it took all I had to decide. My up-bringing taught me that quitting a job without having another one is reckless and irresponsible.  But countless people with more than inspiring stories, who took chances and risks – say otherwise. So I took a leap of faith in myself and did it. It was now or never.

There is never a better time to do in life what makes one happy than RIGHT NOW. There is never a better time to make your dreams come true than the minute they light a fire in your heart and your eyes. Follow that flame, that pull from our heart that leads us to our best reality.

Hello march take your timevia

Hello March! Welcome.

This March is the first one in my new life, life where my dreams come true and where my reality is the one that is the best for me. Reality of my dreams, desires and infinite possibilities. Yes, of course I will probably spend most of my days beaten down by resistance and living like a couch potato but, then again, that is part of my dream reality :D 

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