If you are a true Halloween lover, I am sure you already have your Halloween food and decor carefully planned.

Since in Croatia Halloween is not really a tradition, we don’t celebrate it, not in that famous American way with house decorations (and unspoken challenges and competitions whose house is more spooky and ghoulish) but rather and only by going to clubs for themed party. And dressing up accordingly.

I, on the other hand would like to embrace all that holiday preparation, lots of spooky DIYs and making our house the scariest place on earth. I think my neighbors would call the doctors. That would be one hell of a party, I guess.

spooky halloween decor

Haloween decor ideas

Spooktacularly Elegant DIY Halloween Decor Ideas. If you are out of ideas check out my pinterest board for lots of interesting and informative pins.

Every good witch or wizard needs a fine set of apothecary labels for some playful Halloween decorations. Here is a set that will keep your potion making ingredients in order

If you are quite on a budget and still want to decorate in spirit of the holiday, you can always opt for wreaths. Here are some ideas. 25 of them!halloween food inspiration

Haloween food ideas

Bowl of worms anyone?

Poison apples, brain bread, eyeballs etc. All that an more you can find if you check out my board here.
For spider eggs DIY follow this link. It is spooky and fun. But you won`t seem me touching them.

Forget trick-or-treating, host a party! Extra creepy Halloween cocktails that can make any dead party come to life.

spooky halloween food





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