Hell yeah! For the past few years one of my biggest wishes was to color my hair green and pierce my dimples. And of course, that old wish of having arm sleeves is still very much alive. For all that to happen I really need to change my job. Imagine me coming to work one day, and all those finance bosses look at me and wonder “was her hair green yesterday?” Browsing through pinterest always ends up with tons of inspiring and drool-worthy finds, so green hair and tattoos quest was no different. So many wonderful looks, stunning ladies and extraordinary designs.  

The color green is by far my favorite color and since I am a natural ginger I couldn`t have picked a better color for me. Although for me all shades of green are wonderful and pretty, choosing green for hair color would have some specific shades in mind. Silvery-mint combo would be the number one I think, deep forest green and teal green make the final cut.

Would you dare to have green hair? Which shade?

Here are some of the looks I have been pinning.


All these ladies rock their hair colors and some of them their tattoos as well. I am a big tattoo lover and although I started quite late (I was 28 I think?!) I can`t say I missed on something. Tattoos are very personal to me and I am very picky about them, so thinking the designs and placement through was of outmost importance for me. I had my mind set on getting the first one the minute I turned 18, but I didn`t. I waited for 10 years to be sure. And I am happy I did.

In the last 4 years I got 8 of them. Some are very small and some are a bit big. I will share my #ink with you soon. I love each and every one of them. Dreaming of arm sleeves continues, though.

Do you have tattoos? Show them to me :) What would you tattoo and where if you had no restrictions (job, money …)?


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