Fall lifestyle reboot tips

First day of fall is few days behind us and I am welcoming change of season with open arms. Summer was active, bright and sunny, full of life and there is no reason fall shouldn`t be the same.
Usually with colder and darker days our mood changes and many of us become somewhat lifeless hermits, so I decided to share few tips for fall lifestyle reboot.

Treat your skin with extra care

Cooler days are coming and soon your skin with need all the extra care and protection from all the cold and wind. Of course, if you are living in warm climate that does not have cold fall and winter seasons – well luck you! Taking good care of your skin is good for you for several reasons, you are keeping your skin hydrated and taken care of and you are pampering yourself which has great consequences for your mind.  it is a win-win situation. Indulge in that hot bath after work (and gym), treat your self with some good smelling lotions and cremes and go all crazy!

Fall closet cleaning

I think that spring cleaning is great and it should be done few times a year, I think two times are OK for me, but if you like to it more often you should do it. So my closet cleaning seasons are spring and fall, I think it has a lot to do with all the clothes rotation, spring/summer to fall/winter and vice versa. Oh, all those layers and fuzzy pull-overs, shawls and hats, just the thought of it made me all giddy and happy.

BUT! The main purpose of seasonal closet cleaning is to get rid of all that clothes that you don`t need. Give away, give or throw everything that you don`t need and/or wear. You know that closet cleaning rule  – if you haven`t worn it in the past six months, throw it away. Since we are talking seasonal clothes, the rule is a bit different but the same principle applies. Throw away everything you bought last season and never worn it. You probably never will.

Get rid of the clutter and excess and let energy flow freely.

Mini home makeover

If you are on a budget, do what you can within it, but all in all, a make over could be just moving around few pieces of furniture, maybe decorating in fall colors – with leaves, acorns and such. Spruce it up a bit.

The point of a makeover is to create a sense of a change, to bring color to your life and to feel that although nature is going to sleep you feel vibrant and alive.

Outdoor/indoor activity

Take your bike and go for a ride, explore nature and all the wonderful colors it offers. You can always go for long walks or a hike. Or any other outdoorsy activity that gets your heart pumping and gets rid of stress. We all need some kind of body activity in our lives because we are getting older, so it is good for our health, because we work all the time, and so much, so we need some kind of a stress relief.

Since it is getting colder and darker, our inner sloth is waking up so it would be great to have an activity to get us through upcoming winter. Except if you are a bear, then you need your winter sleep.

Yoga, TRX, pilates, standard gym, tabata, barre or martial arts – take your pick and work your ass of!

Re-set your body timer/clock

Days are getting shorter so going to bed earlier would actually benefit your inner clock and quality of sleep. Crazy long summer days and endless nights are behind us and we need to make the best use of all the sunny hours we get.

Eat in spirit of season

Eat healthy, or as healthy as you can and do your research on seasonal fruits and veggies available. Prepare your body for upcoming winter, bulk on vitamins and everything fresh you can find. Your body and mind will thank you.

Clean up your diet

Now is the time for starting your healthy eating plan. Any day or season is good time to start taking care of your body (and mind) and start being more conscious and to eat more carefully. Your skin will clear and become more radiant and glow-y, you will feel more energized and positive and your immune system will toughen up which is great when flu season comes around.

The point in life is to be happy and feel great, so this tip serves this service too – eat as healthy and clean as you can but don`t obsess about it or torture yourself with unattainable goals. If you need to indulge your craves – indulge them (be moderate) and continue with your greens and whole foods. 

Plan for upcoming holidays

Halloween (yay!), Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate, we unfortunately don`t), Christmas and New Year`s. So many decorations, costumes, outfits and gift list to think about and to plan.

When in doubt plan.

Curl up with by the fire with a good book

If you have a fireplace. There are so many great amazing books out there  and getting lost in hundreds of pages is one of the best things in the world. Therapeutic and fun, stress relieving and soothing, reading books is a great thing to do on those cold, rainy days when you don`t feel like hanging out or  watching a TV.

If you have any book recommendations please, feel free to share in the comments. 

Make a bucket list

Who doesn`t love lists? There is something exciting in making plans and lists. Plotting how and when to take over the world… or what to do this fall.

  • Knit (Winter is coming!)
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Have a picnic
  • Take a fall nature photo challenge
  • Bake pumpkin spice bread/cake
  • Drink mulled wine
  • Take a foggy morning walk
  • Jump in a pile of leaves. Roll in it. Take pictures of it.
  • Make a leafy-acorn wreath

…and that`s a wrap! My fall lifestyle reboot tips are here and if you have any you would like to share, please do.

If you have that one special seasonal ritual that gets you through gloomy days feel free to share your secret in the comments.

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