Luna parks are not my kind of Carnival

As we all know fall is here and the colors begin to change.
But before my surroundings become gray, dull and lifeless, I decided to do a carnival themed shoot. Sunday afternoon felt like a perfect opportunity, especially since it was the last day this cute little Luna Park was nearby.

Unfortunately, it was more of a Luna park, modern and flashy themed than nice vintage looking with a true vibe and colors.
I was very disappointed, and looking back now, honestly – what did I expect?
And I almost gave up, but in the end we managed to take few photos, so the trip there wasn`t a total failure.

Stripes and red for a true Carnival vibe

If you ever browsed the word carnival then you know the staple colors of all the decor and visuals are – red and white. More importantly, the true carnival visual is red and white stripes.

Of course, nowadays you can see lots of carnival themed parties that can be, for example, pastel and let me tell you, they are pretty and have their own special vibe.

But, the old true vintage carnival vibe with red and white stripes, along with black lettering was what I was in the mood for. So, naturally I dressed up accordingly.
Added a bit of Disney vibe with a red scarf and a bow.

Carnival candy Pinup red bow Bettie wig

Can you tell I am wearing a wig?
It is my Bettie wig from Annabelles wigs, I had de-shined it a bit, and it turned out better than I expected. But it needs a bit more work.

How to de-shine a wig? I will tell you that in one of my upcoming posts so, stay tuned.

Red striped pinup hairbow carnival shoot

Carnival carousel

Carnival black hair pinup

Carnival art pinup minnie mouse stocking

Carnival colors red lips blue eyes pinup

carnival fashion baloons pinup hair

carnival candy bow minnie mouse disney

Writing this post made me think of a vintage carnival even more. So I browsed Pinterest and decided that first I should save my likes in this board (you are welcome) and that I should make a DIY carnival themed shoot. I am not sure if that will happen in 2016 since I would like to do it outside and by the time I finish with all the props, it will be too cold, gray and rainy outside. Possibly even covered in snow.
But it will happen.
Next spring/summer, guys.

carnival pinterest board
The board if full of wonderful images, just amazing visuals and photography. Also I included DIY tips and tricks both for the general decor and food/prints.
I hope you like it and find it useful.
Cant wait to shoot that DIY-ed shoot! Spring come soon.
Until then, dont forget to come back for Halloween tips.



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