Cheer up! It`s Monday. How to look forward to Monday?

Cheer up! It`s Monday is a new series I would like to introduce to my blog, under the Inner Bliss series.
The idea of the series is to start perceiving Monday as another awesome day of the week. I want to share with you all the reasons why Monday is equally awesome as Friday is. Even more so, I want to share all the reasons to look forward to Monday the whole weekend.

The purpose of Cheer up! It`s Monday is to pump you (and me) starting Saturday morning, so when the Sunday afternoon arrives you will still be high on the awesomeness of the weekend you had (nice and rested, full of energy and sparkle) but excited to start that amazing Monday you have been waiting so eagerly for.

Insane right?

How to look forward to Monday?

What is this Cheer up! It`s Monday series all about?

The purpose is to alter your (and mine too!) perception of the most dreaded day of the week. Poor Monday never did nothing to deserve such treatment and you do not deserve to be so blue every Sunday evening when you remember tomorrow is Monday.

There is no need (or point) to feel bad over any day of the week ever. Every day is an opportunity for us to feel awesome and to experience amazing things universe has set before us. The only problem is perception. Or energy, your thoughts. The stand you are having towards what is coming. And what is coming is another day that you can create any way you see fit.

Be a creator of your own awesome days, do not let other people that want to feel Monday`s blues color your day any color but the one that makes you happy.

Cheer up! It`s Monday

How to make Monday awesome?

In the Cheer up! It`s Monday series I will share things that make me happy, tips how to alter your vibe and how to pump up your vibration to pure happy and awesome.

With you, I want to explore all the ways we can get inspired to make Mondays awesome whether that is:

  • an outfit you can prepare on Saturday that will make Monday sparkle
  • new way to do your makeup, or to add some color
  • a list of plans and goals you want to start ASAP
  • anything that will make you feel Monday can`t come soon enough

Although this is just an intro post about the Cheer up! It`s Monday series,
I want to tell you that you should start with this today (tomorrow).

How to start to love your Monday today?

Take a moment or two before you go to bed and think about what would make tomorrow (any Monday) abso-fudgey-lutely amazing. If you want, you can make a list. I know I would. You can make a said list on a piece of paper, a notebook or you can use an app. Whatever rocks your boat and works best for you. Just do it.

You can start as big or as small as you want. Write your heart out and don`t worry about the number of items on your list, they are all awesome goals and important rockets of desire that will lead you into most awesome Mondays of your life and come true one at the time.

When you are done with your list, go over it and see which one can be done right now. The “easiest” one will get you going (do it!), it will start your sparkle and creative juices going and give you momentum and fill you with that thrill every Sunday afternoon dulls when you think it is Monday around the corner.
No more of that!

Hold on to that list. Revise it, add to it, admire it. That is your ticket to 365 awesome days of every year of your life.
Remember to peek on that list on Fridays and Saturdays so you can make needed preparations for your next super Monday.
I will remind you too.

Enjoy your Monday, I know I will.








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