Mood: Why do I like rainy days so much? A love letter to grey skies

Few hours ago I was walking from one room to another and a feeling washed over me. A feeling of content, calm and inner peace. And a thought flashed through my mind – I really like this weather. A look out the window confirmed nothing has changed since this morning – it is raining.
Why do I like rainy days so much?

To be completely honest, I never did like rain. It is mostly unpleasant experience of cold and wetness, adding depressive mood on top of wet annoyance.

But all that has changed. The perspective has changed. My perspective. Learning to be more present and intentional has enabled me to be more perceptive and appreciative of moments, experiences, people and things.
But this is not a post about how to be more present … I think this post wants to be a love letter to the grey skies.

why do i like rain so much

Grey skies told me to stay in bed.
They whispered, in their soft cloudy manner, there is nothing out there for me.
So I closed my eyes and reached in for my soul.

Waking up to yet another grey morning. Calm and monochrome skies are my company again, droplets of rain sing to my soul and I feel the bliss.

I like the way you look, how you sound and how you don`t taste like nothing at all. I love how your calmness gives me incentive and makes me feel alive. The smell of you spilled all around me gives me power.

Reflections that you present to me as gifts allow me to see true beauty in unexpected places.

a love letter to the grey skies

While I watch you through the window, you being yourself, playing with everything in your way, unapologetically intrusive – you calm me.
While I hide myself from you, I want to see all of your faces.

You put my mind at ease and liberate my soul.

Grey skies told me to stay in bed.
Today I did`nt listen.

Why do I like rain so much?


Bicycle inspiration

Bike rides. The wind in your hair. The road in front of you, ready to take you anywhere you want.

Where do you want to go?

Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike

As the end of February approaches I can not but daydream about spring that will soon come. I am so excited! Days are finally longer and warmer. Yesterday I sat on my terrace, soaked up the sun and enjoyed the warmth on my skin.

Thoughts about spring made me think of different adventures I could go on, places to visit and take photos of. Made me think of bike rides along the lake nearby. Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike

Bicycle inspiration and a DIY project

When it comes to bicycle inspiration I have always wanted to own a cruise type, in some cute pastel color. Naturally I decided to look on Pinterest. There are so many pretty bicycles out there, it is so hard to choose a favorite one.

I have this old, retro bike at home that needs a bit of sprucing up, change of tires and a coat or two of paint. So, with pinterest on my side I decided to do a little DIY project and get my bike ready for spring rides!

Feel that wind in your hair!

This is a collection of possible designs, but they are all so pretty and it is hard to choose. It is like pokemon, gotta have them all.

DIY projects regarding bicycles look really fun. I found several tutorials on how to make pannier bags, how to personalize your bell, basket and light (and not just that, but baby steps).

Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike

All the links to where these bikes are from can be found on my Pinterest board.

Pastels or polka dots

It was so hard to choose between those two, because I really like both. I was thinking maybe I should own several bicycles, in different colors and prints. If only.

So, my decision landed somewhere in the middle of two, it will probably be a pastel color for the base and doughnut print instead of polka dots. Amazing, right?

I found lots and lots of stickers and washi tape with images of cute little whimsical donuts. Did you know that you can washi tape you bike? Yes! and it looks awesome.

Project DIY my bike is on! Or it will soon be on, as soon as temperature is high enough for me to spray paint it.

But I have to say, the monochrome polka dot in the first photo looks rather amazing, right? How will I decide?!?!




Christmas edition: Holiday pinup outfit inspiration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
There’ll be much mistletoe-ing and hearts will be glowing
When love ones are near
It’s the most wonderful time of the year

`Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalala!

Holiday season has officially started and there is not time like the present to start thinking about your outfits for all those December parties.

Or if you just want to get in all that holiday cheer and wear Christmas inspired outfits – this is the place for you. It is all about the red and green, sparkles and gold. I got all that for you here. Whether you prefer swing skirts or wiggle dresses, the cheer-est pinup outfit inspiration is right here to make you ready for Santa.

Christmas edition: Holiday pinup outfit inspiration

Candy cane wishes and mistletoe kisses

Stripes or polka dots?
That is the eternal question and I say both! It is hard to choose between them, and when in doubt – mix and match. Play with textures and wear just the thing that makes you feel special.

For this Holiday edition: Christmas pinup outfit inspiration I have decided to be playful and cheery like the season itself. I had Santa`s little helpers and Winter wonderland on my mind. Stripes, dots and even gingerbread at your service!

Which one is your favorite?

Christmas holiday pinup outfit

1.Vixen 50s Wylie Polkadot Cardigan in Green + One Sharp Cookie A-Line Skirt
2. Collectif Mainline Marina Jumper + Collectif Mainline Polly Lamé Skirt
3. Collectif Vintage Chrissie Deer Jumper + ‘Peachy’ Ice Skating Print Swing Skirt

Dear Santa, I can explain…

pinup holiday christmas outfit

4. Collectif Vintage Chrissie Striped Jumper + ‘Cruise’ Red Swing Skirt

Christmas holiday outfit pinup

5. Christmas Tree Print Amelia Dress
6. Collectif Vintage Hollie Velvet Wiggle Dress
7. Lyra – Christmas Birds Print

I hope these gave you some great jolly ideas what to wear this holiday season. It is not about spending money, but creating your own magic. These skirts and dresses, these outfit inspirations are a wish list that would be nice to have in my closet (but not necessary) and that was nice to create and daydream about.
If you could put anything on your Xmas wish list what would it be?

For more holiday outfit inspiration check out my last year`s post, I had fun creating one sassy but very feminine look inspired by seasons favorite colors – red and green. Or – how to wear holiday colors and not end up looking like a Christmas tree.

Keep calm
get your HO HO HO on

Enjoy your December and make every second count.


Little red riding hood pin-up photo shoot

For the past four years I have been toying with the idea of doing a Little red riding hood pin-up photo shoot. And after those long 4 years, I did it.

The idea was to chase the spooky and gloomy autumn sun rise and take advantage of all the fog hugging the sleepy surroundings. That was the idea, but the reality was – there was no fog in sight. At least not at the place we picked for our photo shoot.

That didn`t discourage us, we had fun and so did by-passers, fishermen and squirrels I guess. We ended up shooting in the forest, near the lake and on one 19 century tomb that served as a perfect, bit dark (one photo screams Assassins Creed) backdrop that went great with my red outfit.

Onward to Granny`s in the heart of the wood, she marched through the trees with basket and hood…

I have seen so many lovely Little red riding hood pin-up photos, not to mention cosplay themed ones, and countless illustrations inspired by the story.

My interpretation is somewhere between pin-up and weird, goofy and a bit dark me. Costume was made by me (cape and skirt), originally I intended to wear a white skirt but then I felt like a bride with a red cape so I changed to this red skirt.

Little red riding hood pinup photo shoot

Spooky red ridinghood pinup

Red cape high heels white petticoat Little red riding hood costume

Little red riding hood pinup costume

Pinup version of Little Red riding hood

little red riding hood costume spooky cemetery

Pinup little red riding hood in the woods

Pinup costume cosplay

Little red riding hood behind the scenes pinup

Pinup in the woods cosplay

Little red riding hood face closeup

Pinup fairytale riding hood behind the scenes

Apple Little red riding hood costume

Little red riding hood apple eating costplay

Once upon a time..

The ending of this photo story just might be leading to another with a simplest of details.
Who knows?
Would you like to see it?

… and if you are searching for a Halloween costume, this just might be it.


Halloween inspiration part #2

Hello October you ghoulish month

The most ghoulish of all months is upon us and along with the pumpkin (spice latte) season, preparations for Halloween are in full mode. Halloween inspiration takes a new level each year and I always look forward to next season to see what will people (and clothing brands) come up with.

All I can say, I am never left disappointed.

halloween inspiration

Zombies, Demons and Witches too

Do you remember my last post about Halloween inspiration? This year I decided to browse the pretty dresses, skirts and everything pin-up fashion related instead of Halloween inspired costumes and decor like I did last year. If you need it, click it and check it out.

Here I have for you a sum of my favorite Halloween themed dresses and accessories, starting from British retro, then Sourpuss clothing, HellBunny and then some Erst Wilder to make your outfit really pop!

All the outfits are Halloween inspired, which means we have lots of dead and/or undead prints, hellish and devilish details, and of course it wouldn`t be Halloween without a drop of blood.



hellbunny-halloween inspiration

halloween-inspiration spooky-accessories


  1. British retro
  2. Sourpuss clothing
  3. HellBunny
  4. Erst Wilder + Sourpuss pomade

And, there is no escaping stripes, right?
I know who is the king of stripes, I have only three words for you – Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Or PUG, PUG, PUG!

What did you decide to wear?

Halloween inspiration – part #1


It is that time of the year. Time for layers, pumpkin spice latte (not me!) and Halloween inspiration posts and overall holiday preparation.
Last year I started with costume inspiration and I really went all out with so many choices and styles.Halloween is, alongside Christmas, and first day of spring, and summer and fall and winter, and of course my birthday – my favorite holiday of the year. Favorite day ever!
In fact I made two additional posts regarding Halloween inspiration, one as a costume inspiration sequel and one about food and home decor. If you missed them last year or need to refresh your memory (or pick something else for this year) go and check those posts out.
You can also do further research via my pinterest boards – one and two. Yup, I got you.
The boards contain lots of resources for an amazing Halloween experience, tutorials and how-to`s, DIYs and so much more than I initially posted last year.
pinup halloween inspiration

Halloween outfits for your sinister afterlife

So, this year I decided to go in a different direction. It wouldn`t make any sense to repeat posts from last year. This year I will share my Halloween inspiration through outfit collages with garments that are currently available in our favorite vintage/pin up stores.
And let me tell you, the offer is huge. HUGE!
First I opened Lady V London`s shop and found out that although they don`t have a Halloween inspired dresses they have one that made my day and made the top of my list for next purchases. The CAT dress. And the cat is wearing cat-eye glasses. In my book, that is a must.
Back to the Halloween inspired outfits.
I opened few shops, silently making bets in my head which will have the best offer.
Do I need to say which one won?
Can you guess?
I will just say that after seeing what I saw, there was no way I could focus on anything else.
Needless to say I fell in love. So much I had to give this outfit a separate post.

Enter the PUG perfection.

There are no words to describe my awe.
Nor there is a need for them.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
But, if I were to pinpoint it I would say it is the stripes and the cut, but most of all, the one and only, goddess Micheline. `nuff said, right?
What do you think?
I got your attention and you want more? Stay tuned for my next post where I will share more Halloween inspiration. Many excellent and drool worthy outfits coming your way.


Winged eyeliner issues – how to get your wings on point

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late.

winged eyeliner issues

There is no bigger truth than that. Winged liner is one of the pillars of a good vintage, pin-up/rockabilly looks. It gives that special glamorous touch. With properly styled hair, perfect manicure and your brows on point – winged eyeliner is that cherry on top.

Although mastering a winged liner can be tricky, there are tons of tips and tricks to ease you into it. And, as usual, practice makes perfect. You can check them here, here and here. For inspiration on different styles check this post, you wont go wrong.

Did you have a laugh with the first photo? Because all that is still happening to me and it is so funny. You know the theory of it but when it comes to practice, some days just suck!
Having that in mind you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got my wings down to almost perfection. And I wasn`t even trying.
Shake-y hands, watering eyes and constant blinking usually get in the way, and today, when I wasn`t even trying – I did it!

Maybe I didn`t do it perfectly but I was happy with the result.

Modern pin-up winged liner

So here I am, no wig, just my natural ginger-y hair. And, yes – those are false lashes! One thing worse than doing a winged liner is putting on false lashes.

But patience and practice brought me to a kind of OK result, don`t you think?

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a comment or an e-mail.


Modern pinup copper red wig

Modern pinup copper red wig Annabelles wigs red copper Kelly wig

wig – Annabelle`s wigs


This was one of those rainy days when you don’t know what to do with yourself so you mostly watch TV-shows and/or play dress-up.

The idea here was to kind of play with the retro and rockabilly vibe, shooting for something summer-y and close to 4th of July, with victory rolls/space rolls.
Mostly had problems with my camera (auto focus you devil!) but at least I got to play with my wig and see how it can be transformed into different styles. When you style your wig any other way than its original form the imperative is to be gentle – I know I am constantly repeating this, BUT it really is important. You don’t want to pull out any strands of hair with bobby-pins and other hair devices you might use.

As you can see my wig is still a bit shinny on the second photo, but that could be due to room lighting too. And I round some more info on de-shining process. And you can use dry shampoo too. You are welcome.

If you have any questions don`t hesitate to comment and/or e-mail me.



Inspiration – mint green pin-up spring

If you remember this post – then you might know I have a thing for green hair. Green everything. And if you remember this post you probably know my favorite shade of green is mint.
So no wonder my March inspiration is mint green pin-up spring.

spring inspiration
I don’t know why but when I think of spring I think – mint green.

With warmer weather we get rid of the heavy layers and dull depressing colors (if you are like me and wear mostly black and grey during fall and winter). Days are getting brighter and longer, sun is shining and flowers begin to bloom. Nature is again bright-colored and pretty.

Mint hair I don`t care

pinup mint green hair

As I already said, there is something magical and so appealing in this lovely pastel minty shade of green. If only my ginger hair would turn perfectly minty over night without bleaching and destroying my hair.
For those lucky enough living in the US there are crazy beautiful pastel shades available at overtone that are vegan and harmless for your hair.
How come?

Overtone color is basically not a permanent color regime but a colored conditioner that dyes your hair and keeps it hydrated and conditions it deep and with every wash. This way you keep your perfectly pastel minty hair always the same shade. The only problem is bleaching if you are not naturally light blond. 

Spring road trips are made of minty cars, living of cupcakes and wearing PUG

mint green pinup spring pastel green pinup pinup girl clothing spring

When it comes to clothes, not much needs to be said. Swing dresses and skirts in lovely shades of pastel and minty green are pretty much anyone needs these days, right? Although there are many awesome brands whose clothes I would so much like to own (like Collectif clothing, Sourpuss, Vivien of Holloway, British retro etc) this time I used pretty pictures from Lena Hoschek (cake tea party) and Pinupgirl Clothing.

A girl can dream, right?

Beautiful combination of pink gingham and flower mint green skirt is from wonderful miss Finding Femme, that always enchants me with her looks and outfits.

Easter is close so, Easter bunny please bring me something nice and lady like. In gingham or polka dots, stripes and plaid. Make it paste green and pink!

Happy Spring to all of you!