Although wedding season is way behind us I just could not not share this lovely vintage pinup inspired editorial called “Calendar girl”. It is wedding themed and looks absolutely amazing. My favorite are the fonts, silly right? What can I say, I`m a typography enthusiast, so it is natural for me to spend countless hours browsing pinterest for great fonts and inspiration in general, or when you work on a project, like I have for past few hours.


Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right? Then my week will be fabulous and filled with amazing vintage, retro and pinup inspired images and things. I spent most of my morning “in a meeting”, but when it comes to something interesting, like this project I am currently working on, it does`nt matter that is Sunday, your day off, right?

Brainstorming and plotting are great even when there are so many “boring” official things to get in order, so when this creative part comes in line, I tend to dive in and not come out for air until I get hungry or fall asleep with countless tabs open, eyes bloody and red but heart filled with joy and immeasurable motivation. I had this kind of a day today, minus the bloody eyes, but it is still early. In pursuit for a perfect vintage inspired font I came across this lovely vintage pinup inspired editorial made by Matt Chase, It is from 2012, but I don`t care. I am in love with it and want to share it with you, maybe I am not the only one who missed this.

matt-chase-calendar-girl-2b_1000 matt-chase-calendar-girl-3b_1000 matt-chase-calendar-girl-4b_1000 matt-chase-calendar-girl-5b_1000 matt-chase-calendar-girl-6b_1000

Which one is is your favorite?

My favorite dress/girl/month is (of course) Miss August. That is my month! I like her best because the dress is the perfect length, really `50s inspired hem length, and although the design itself is more contemporary, I still get that mid century vibe due to her accessories – hat, gloves and cat eyes sunglasses. And let`s not forget the shoes! Perfect pinup vibe. All those suitcases make this shot a perfect vintage pinup inspired editorial piece, true depiction of glamorous and hot summer vacation ready. 

As for the font category, huh, this is a really tough one! I would have to go with Miss April, I like the whole vibe and although February and January were sooo close, I gave my heart to April.

It is so great when you stumble upon such inspiring things when looking for something else and it even gets you a blog post inspiration! This was a fruitful pinterest binge.

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