Bike rides. The wind in your hair. The road in front of you, ready to take you anywhere you want.

Where do you want to go?

Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike

As the end of February approaches I can not but daydream about spring that will soon come. I am so excited! Days are finally longer and warmer. Yesterday I sat on my terrace, soaked up the sun and enjoyed the warmth on my skin.

Thoughts about spring made me think of different adventures I could go on, places to visit and take photos of. Made me think of bike rides along the lake nearby. Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike

Bicycle inspiration and a DIY project

When it comes to bicycle inspiration I have always wanted to own a cruise type, in some cute pastel color. Naturally I decided to look on Pinterest. There are so many pretty bicycles out there, it is so hard to choose a favorite one.

I have this old, retro bike at home that needs a bit of sprucing up, change of tires and a coat or two of paint. So, with pinterest on my side I decided to do a little DIY project and get my bike ready for spring rides!

Feel that wind in your hair!

This is a collection of possible designs, but they are all so pretty and it is hard to choose. It is like pokemon, gotta have them all.

DIY projects regarding bicycles look really fun. I found several tutorials on how to make pannier bags, how to personalize your bell, basket and light (and not just that, but baby steps).

Bicycle inspiration bike rides cruise bike beach bike

All the links to where these bikes are from can be found on my Pinterest board.

Pastels or polka dots

It was so hard to choose between those two, because I really like both. I was thinking maybe I should own several bicycles, in different colors and prints. If only.

So, my decision landed somewhere in the middle of two, it will probably be a pastel color for the base and doughnut print instead of polka dots. Amazing, right?

I found lots and lots of stickers and washi tape with images of cute little whimsical donuts. Did you know that you can washi tape you bike? Yes! and it looks awesome.

Project DIY my bike is on! Or it will soon be on, as soon as temperature is high enough for me to spray paint it.

But I have to say, the monochrome polka dot in the first photo looks rather amazing, right? How will I decide?!?!




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