Bettie Page wig up-do

Wigs are amazing accessories due to their versatility. Even though that is not your natural hair it does not mean you are limited to just one hairstyle. With the bought-wig-style, you just need to get a bit creative. Look at my Bettie Page wig  up-do. Of course, I am not saying you can do everything with your wig, but there are a few options more than just the look you bought.

The thing with wigs is that they can be styled “off head” so you can really see the hairstyle you are creating from different angles. Additionally you can observe and learn, you become more aware of the limitations and how your wig breathes. This is no rocket science – just go with the flow. Only thing you have to keep in mind is – watch for the “holes” and any parts that would rat you out, showing to the world you are – wearing a wig. Which is not bad at all, but just style wise.

Annabelles wigs Bettie wig


What I did was, I just scooped all the hair up, doing a version of a vintage poodle hairstyle (but not really, I left it much more messy) and put the hair scarf to hide the part on the nape of my neck where it would be visible that I am, in fact wearing a wig.

Don`t be scared to experiment with your looks, with wigs or with your own hair. It is fun and you never know what will inspire you and what you will discover style wise. I have a huge problem with growing my hair long. I always find some new crazy haircut, or a color so, it mostly stays short.

Pinup Bettie bangs hair

Some days you just don`t want to wear your hair down, even though it is a wig in question, right? The fact you are able to play with different looks while wearing a wig makes them even more appealing and awesome. At least in my book. Bettie Page wig up-do is basically only the second alteration, a styling I did to any of my wigs. And you can do so many styles, it just takes some time, researching and a positive willing attitude and I guarantee you will love it!
Just remember be careful and gentle to your wig. Be aware of the heat limitations – if your wig is made of heat resistant fibers.

I am wearing a Bettie wig from Annabelle`s wigs, my moms vintage porcelain rose brooch, thrifted scarf and pearls.


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