My story

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

WHO IS GOA blog abut me page

Most important “things” in life aren`t things at all, but there are some that make our lives
a bit more colorful. I will share them here, with you.

I started this blog to share my view on life
 and how I found my way to inner peace.

minimalism od mind and soul

Life is not all peaches and cream (they say) but, in fact – it is if you become aware of what you give your attention to.
On another note, minimalism of mind and soul refers to my decision to demystify concepts like FearOfMissigOut, (constantly) being busy and the eternal need to #hustle.

WHO IS GOA blog content

I decided to use this blog as a repository for stories I feel are worth telling, writing down and re-reading if needed. Stories I put my heart and soul into, stories I have lived and felt, stories that helped me grow and expand.
Stories, that I hope, will be of use to at least one person – but I dare to dream of more.
Mostly, my stories will cover subjects like intentional and slow living philosophy – well being, beauty and wellness, fashion and lifestyle.

The good life is sweet and slow and rich and flawed. Forget what the world has told you the good life looks life. This is it. – A Simplified Life by Emily Ley

I would love to hear from you, your thoughts, wishes and dreams. Or just a simple hello. Maybe you would be interested in snail mail? - let me know! I can`t wait to hear from you.