Dressing up in  a 1920s inspired look is not something I do every day. May once a year and it has been several years now since I last did it.
Although I don`t feel the same kind of love and appeal towards 1920s fashion it is fun to do it from time to time, put all that glitter and sparkles, feathers and pearl strings and just enjoy the glam era like a boss.

1920s inspired look on a budget

When I think about 1920s (that was almost 100 years ago) Great Gatsby parties come to mind. But there was a lot going on besides just crazy good parties in dashing outfits.

The 1920s were an age of dramatic social and political change. For the first time, more Americans lived in cities than on farms. The nation’s total wealth more than doubled between 1920 and 1929, and this economic growth swept many Americans into an affluent but unfamiliar “consumer society.” People from coast to coast bought the same goods (thanks to nationwide advertising and the spread of chain stores), listened to the same music, did the same dances and even used the same slang! Many Americans were uncomfortable with this new, urban, sometimes racy “mass culture”; in fact, for many–even most–people in the United States, the 1920s brought more conflict than celebration. However, for a small handful of young people in the nation’s big cities, the 1920s were roaring indeed. – History channel

1920s inspired look on a budget
When you got the dress all you need is a headband, glitter, feathers and gloves and lots and lots of pearls. For the purposes of my little 1920s inspired look photo shoot I had all that already at home, so it was a cost free project but I guarantee that if you get a bit creative you can totally do it on a budget. I always do!
1920s flapper girl gatsby inspired
So my dress was actually not flapper/charlston/gatsby/1920s inspired at all. It has open back decorated with strings of black “pearls” which is very nice, works as a nice toned down, demure decoration if like to keep it low key or you dont want to wear regular pearls (in the front). The most fun part of the dress is that it is actually a mini dress that has a “puffy” top part and tight bottom part. I stretched it all the way down to my knees to get that 1920s dress silhouette. A headband, 1920s inspired makeup (but I kept it pretty light and low key) and pearls – et voila!
Vintage 1920s gatsby girl pearls
Usually the makeup is much more intense but I was in the mood for something gentle and subtle. Go for darker colors, statement on eyes and brows but lips too (baby doll lips). Might seem a bit much at first and against all makeup rules, but that was the way women did their faces back then. I think there are a many examples of truly beautiful ways to do your 1920s inspired makeup, stay close to modern ages and still ooze that vintage flapper vibe. Pinterest is your friend!
Vintage gatsby flapper girl look
If you follow the link to the 1920s board I made for this post, you will see all the different looks I pinned for inspiration. Some are more intense, some totally low key, there more contemporary ones and true vintage makeup looks – see what you like, what is closer to true you or what would you like to try and just – do it! Play. Enjoy.
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