Cutie Pie candy floss pink wig from Lush wigs

It is here! Cutie Pie candy floss  pink wig

Cutie Pie candyfloss pink wig from Lush wigs

There is nothing more exciting than waiting for mailman and your parcel. You keep picturing it, how it will feel and look. I was so excited and now, finally it is here, my Cutie Pie candy floss pink wig from Lush wigs. And I am beyond words. I have looked for a perfect pink wig for some time now, and what I found was OK but not really what I was looking for. Honestly, I wasn`t even sure what I was looking for, but I knew what I found so far was not it.

The truth is, the “selling” photo of this wig was not the one that made me buy it. It was the one a customer posted on her Instagram and Lush wig’s re-posted it that in fact made me jump up and down from joy screaming – MINE!
I found it! Finally this is it and I need to have it. But it was out of stock. Sure I was annoying to the people at Lush wigs, but they were so kind and wonderful with me. It took them few weeks to put it back in stock and I was like a hawk, waiting for it.

Wig feels

The wig is simply wonderful. I like the quality much more than the wigs I purchased before from Annabelle`s wigs. It is sleek and rich, does not tangle so much just by looking at it (my copper Kelly is really prone to tangles). The wig feels so heavy but is really nice and comfortable on head and does not feel heavy while wearing.

What I liked the most on the photo that made me buy it was how rich this wig looked. Beyond words. Simply enchanting.


Cutie Pie candy floss pink wig, made from synthetic high temperature fibre is perfect for making alterations like straightening it or making it more curly. I love it just the way it is.

The color is – special. Cream and pink, blonde with dipped ends, but at the same time it looks like it is pink all the way. I say – magic!

The wig is 65 cm long, perfectly bouncy and endlessly seductive. It comes with a fringe (blunt cut, that you can alter) that is quite long so I chopped it of to a version of Bettie bangs.

Cutie Pie candyfloss pink wig from Lush wigs

This photo is with original longer fringe, and it still looks really good. I decided on cutting them because they were a bit too long for me and were getting in my eyes. Maybe my head is a bit funky sized so they ended up longer for me than they would be for someone else.

Good thing we can alter them, cut a bit to fit them to your specific needs. Just don’t cut too much. There is no coming back from an over cut fringe.

The End

What is the verdict?
All in all my experience with Lush wigs was beyond great even before my wig arrived. They have an amazing supporting system for buyers,w where you can track your purchase daily and know exactly what is happening. It is an UK based company so my wig came really fast (I am EU based).

I will be ordering another wig from Lush wigs soon. Currently I have my heart set on few designs – Caramel, Cherry Lipgloss, Natural Angel, Apple, Fortune Teller, Crystal Ball.
It looks like I am going to go bankrupt soon. I am free for any wig donations. Kidding. But seriously.

To end this review, I am very satisfied with my purchase. The ratio of price and quality is, in my opinion the best so far. The wig is more than affordable, and the overall feel, texture and wear-ability of the wig is superb. I would highly recommend it. 

Bettie page wig up-do

Bettie Page wig up-do

Wigs are amazing accessories due to their versatility. Even though that is not your natural hair it does not mean you are limited to just one hairstyle. With the bought-wig-style, you just need to get a bit creative. Look at my Bettie Page wig  up-do. Of course, I am not saying you can do everything with your wig, but there are a few options more than just the look you bought.

The thing with wigs is that they can be styled “off head” so you can really see the hairstyle you are creating from different angles. Additionally you can observe and learn, you become more aware of the limitations and how your wig breathes. This is no rocket science – just go with the flow. Only thing you have to keep in mind is – watch for the “holes” and any parts that would rat you out, showing to the world you are – wearing a wig. Which is not bad at all, but just style wise.

Bettie Page wig up-do


What I did was, I just scooped all the hair up, doing a version of a vintage poodle hairstyle (but not really, I left it much more messy) and put the hair scarf to hide the part on the nape of my neck where it would be visible that I am, in fact wearing a wig.

Don`t be scared to experiment with your looks, with wigs or with your own hair. It is fun and you never know what will inspire you and what you will discover style wise. I have a huge problem with growing my hair long. I always find some new crazy haircut, or a color so, it mostly stays short.

Bettie Page wig up-do

Some days you just don`t want to wear your hair down, even though it is a wig in question, right? The fact you are able to play with different looks while wearing a wig makes them even more appealing and awesome. At least in my book. Bettie Page wig up-do is basically only the second alteration, a styling I did to any of my wigs. And you can do so many styles, it just takes some time, researching and a positive willing attitude and I guarantee you will love it!
Just remember be careful and gentle to your wig. Be aware of the heat limitations – if your wig is made of heat resistant fibers.

I am wearing a Bettie wig from Annabelle`s wigs, my moms vintage porcelain rose brooch, thrifted scarf and pearls.

New in Bettie wig from Annabelle`s wigs – channeling my Bettie Page

Bettie wigBettie wigBettie wigBettie wig

It is here!! My new Bettie wig, is here!
I was so happy and so thrilled it came I could not wait to do a proper shoot, so I channeled my inner Bettie Page with make up on, all the poses ready but in my sweat pants.

Kind of a mix of a modern and pin-up, right?

The Bettie wig

The wig feels amazing, it is super light wight and soft, gentle but fierce-looking. In one word, it is perfect. I like it very much. I was worried about the bangs but they are perfect!

The curls on the wig are just the right size, and the length is surprisingly awesome. When I was choosing the style I was thinking “But it is so short”, since I do like the long hair falling down my back (although I never in my life had my hair so long), but no need to worry, I can almost say I like my Bettie wig better than the Kelly. Guess I have favorites, right?!

And who knows which one I will order next. You never know. Maybe something totally now, crazy and unexpected.

bettie page quote

Wearing wigs is super fun, but living in a climate that has hot summers, I wonder how will I be able to wear them, if I will at all?! I need to say that Bettie wig feels more light and it is less how under than Kelly. SO I even might get to wear her after all. We will see.

I cant wait to try an up-do with my Bettie wig. Wonder how it will look and how will I be able to style it. As everything, it takes practice and persistence.

I hope you liked my Bettie Page inspired looks. For any questions and suggestions drop me a comment or an email, I would love to hear from you.

Polka dot pin-up

“You are either as beautiful or as ugly as you believe you are. You define your beauty. That’s not a power anyone can have over you.”


polka dot pin-uppolka dot pin-uppolka dot pin-uppolka dot pin-uppolka dot pin-uppolka dot pin-up


Hello lovelies!

Today is not a bright, sunshiny day. Rainy and gloomy depressingly grey and so cold.

I was playing with my camera and some pretty clothes to bright up my day, but my lighting did not turned out the best way. Well, practice makes perfect, right?

This is one of my favorite print combinations ever – black and white polka dots paired with red and white stripes. It does not get any better, right?
Here I am wearing a skirt I made and a lovely and comfy top from Calliope. Of course my fabulous hair is a wig from Annabelle`s wigs.
Are you getting tired of my copper red wig? I could never, but I did order a new one. Also from Annabelle`s wigs. I ordered a black one. A real Bettie Page style wig, and I am super excited to wear it! Soon my lovelies, soon! If you want to check out all my red copper wig posts go here.

Do you remember my Dorothy shoes?
My so uncomfortable red bow beauties?

I love them so much, can`t stop wearing them although they are super painful and uncomfortable. I got them from eBay but they are originally from Primark. I have considered of buying one Primark pair, the black and white pair, this stripes, so pretty – but they did not have them in my size. Now thinking about all the pain these are causing me, maybe it is better they didn’t.

Greetings from your polka dot pin-up!

A a story about leopard pin-up

I am not normal.

I don’t want to be.
I don’t pretend to be.

I am me.


Leopard pin-up red wig Leopard pin-up red wig

wig: Annabelle˙s wigs

Hello lovelies!

It is your friendly leopard pin-up talking.
Today was a good day, I woke up inspired and driven. Driven to make something pretty and fun.

Of course I decided to play a little dress-up, sporting my luscious red wig from Annabelle`s wigs (I wear it a lot, don`t I?) and my beloved 1980s leopard blazer that often substitutes as a shirt (love it when garments can be used in few different purposes).
I was super happy when I found this piece on an online second-hand community, I ordered it right away although it was several sizes to big for me – it turned out amazingly usable, going perfectly with my wardrobe and style. Like an unusual funky detail. Oversized more than anything. I hope I will get to show it of more here soon.

Sun was shining, so it was a perfect opportunity to snap wonderful photos in natural light.
What a glorious day!

I am totally crazy about my manicure, it goes perfectly with my shirt, right? Usually I don’t wear my nails so long, because it is hard to type with them and my work is all type, type, type. But when I do wear them, I poke my eyes accidentally often.

Winged eyeliner issues – how to get your wings on point

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late.

winged eyeliner issues

There is no bigger truth than that. Winged liner is one of the pillars of a good vintage, pin-up/rockabilly looks. It gives that special glamorous touch. With properly styled hair, perfect manicure and your brows on point – winged eyeliner is that cherry on top.

Although mastering a winged liner can be tricky, there are tons of tips and tricks to ease you into it. And, as usual, practice makes perfect. You can check them here, here and here. For inspiration on different styles check this post, you wont go wrong.

Did you have a laugh with the first photo? Because all that is still happening to me and it is so funny. You know the theory of it but when it comes to practice, some days just suck!
Having that in mind you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got my wings down to almost perfection. And I wasn`t even trying.
Shake-y hands, watering eyes and constant blinking usually get in the way, and today, when I wasn`t even trying – I did it!

Maybe I didn`t do it perfectly but I was happy with the result.

Modern pin-up winged liner

So here I am, no wig, just my natural ginger-y hair. And, yes – those are false lashes! One thing worse than doing a winged liner is putting on false lashes.

But patience and practice brought me to a kind of OK result, don`t you think?

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a comment or an e-mail.


Modern pin-up copper red wig

Modern pin-up copper red wig Modern pin-up copper red wig

wig – Annabelle`s wigs


This was one of those rainy days when you don’t know what to do with yourself so you mostly watch TV-shows and/or play dress-up.

The idea here was to kind of play with the retro and rockabilly vibe, shooting for something summer-y and close to 4th of July, with victory rolls/space rolls.
Mostly had problems with my camera (auto focus you devil!) but at least I got to play with my wig and see how it can be transformed into different styles. When you style your wig any other way than its original form the imperative is to be gentle – I know I am constantly repeating this, BUT it really is important. You don’t want to pull out any strands of hair with bobby-pins and other hair devices you might use.

As you can see my wig is still a bit shinny on the second photo, but that could be due to room lighting too. And I round some more info on de-shining process. And you can use dry shampoo too. You are welcome.

If you have any questions don`t hesitate to comment and/or e-mail me.


Pin-up red shoes from wizard of OZ

“You had the power all along, my dear” ~ Gilda, The good witch

red pinup shoes

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.” ~ The wonderful Wizard of Oz

These red shoes remind me of Dorothy and The wizard of Oz. They might not be so bright in real life though, but I like the exaggerated redness and red/white contrast. Such pale skin, am I even alive?

Speaking of Wizard of Oz, when was the last time you watched it? For me it was too long and I think it is time to go on an adventure.

Are you with me?