How to be yourself?

How to be yourself?

Fall in love with yourself…

… because you are perfect – just the way you are.

Self love seems like one of the hardest things to master in life, yet it feels so natural to embrace it when you finally quiet down all the voices around you.

Be you, bravely. People don`t have to like you and you don`t have to care. The only thing you have to do in life is – be happy. The only person you have to like in life is you. And when you do, nothing else matters.

You can`t change what is going on around you until you change what is going on within you. Read More

Mood: Why do I like rainy days so much? A love letter to grey skies

Few hours ago I was walking from one room to another and a feeling washed over me. A feeling of content, calm and inner peace. And a thought flashed through my mind – I really like this weather. A look out the window confirmed nothing has changed since this morning – it is raining.
Why do I like rainy days so much?

To be completely honest, I never did like rain. It is mostly unpleasant experience of cold and wetness, adding depressive mood on top of wet annoyance.

But all that has changed. The perspective has changed. My perspective. Learning to be more present and intentional has enabled me to be more perceptive and appreciative of moments, experiences, people and things.
But this is not a post about how to be more present … I think this post wants to be a love letter to the grey skies.

why do i like rain so much

Grey skies told me to stay in bed.
They whispered, in their soft cloudy manner, there is nothing out there for me.
So I closed my eyes and reached in for my soul.

Waking up to yet another grey morning. Calm and monochrome skies are my company again, droplets of rain sing to my soul and I feel the bliss.

I like the way you look, how you sound and how you don`t taste like nothing at all. I love how your calmness gives me incentive and makes me feel alive. The smell of you spilled all around me gives me power.

Reflections that you present to me as gifts allow me to see true beauty in unexpected places.

a love letter to the grey skies

While I watch you through the window, you being yourself, playing with everything in your way, unapologetically intrusive – you calm me.
While I hide myself from you, I want to see all of your faces.

You put my mind at ease and liberate my soul.

Grey skies told me to stay in bed.
Today I did`nt listen.

Why do I like rain so much?


A bag spill – bag essentials and few of my favorite things

A truth (bag) spill

When I was younger I preferred big, big bags that could fit almost everything I own into them. So I lugged through my college (and many after) years with over packed shoulder bags, carrying way more bag essentials than I needed, and for what?!

If there are ladies that really do carry so many things, they need a super big bag, I am happy the bag industry has you covered. I for one decided to try “smaller” bags few years back and my life has changed for the better.
Smaller bag = fewer things I need.

Changing my bag size led me to one conclusion – I never really needed all the stuff I had in my big bag, I just didn´t want my bag to be empty.

a bag spill bag essentials

Bag essentials

Since I changed bag sizes the true meaning of what is essential to go everywhere with me has changed. You could say I became smarter, more conformist and free.

The things I always have in my bag are my wallet, lip balm, red lipstick and a pocket mirror. Arguably I could throw in a mascara but I feel like that leads back to bad habits.
But that is just me.

One thing I will never lose from the list of essentials, no matter how small the bag gets is a bottle of water. The bottle doesn`t fit in this lovely striped little bag, but it is always with me. I carry my water in my hand or in a canvas tote (I know this is laugh worthy – sizing down only to be wearing not one but two bags) especially if I take my camera with me. But I usually just carry it in my hand.

Few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite things bag essentials

Aside from the essentials that are always in my bag, few of the things in this photo  I use/wear often, or they are really dear to my heart. And of course they make a nice #flatlay elements.

When it comes to jewelry, I will always choose gold over silver. Although I admire silver pieces, I just don`t like them in combination with my skin tone. I feel kind of out of place.

Whereas gold is my spirit element, my true form and I just love it.
Recently I started mixing different styles. As you can see at the moment I am experimenting with indie pieces, girly looks and whimsical shapes.

Different women have different bag requirements and bag needs, what are yours?

Care tips and tricks for sensitive skin in your thirties

Sensitive skin is more common than you think

I have (very) sensitive skin and since you are reading this, I guess you do too. Sensitive skin is becoming more and more common. Alongside with food allergies and changes to the environment, sensitive skin is one of the top problems for many people.

Sensitive skin tips and tricks

People with a sensitive skin-type can feel like they are in a never-ending battle with their skin. We keep dealing with symptoms such as itchiness, extreme dryness, stinging and redness. Many often give up because finding a proper product to care for your skin can be overwhelming at times.

No matter the age group having sensitive skin is tiresome and a real problem at times, but for the purposes of this post I will talk from a perspective of a thirty-something non smoker, with no particular allergies or ailments.

Also, I will give you my honest opinion about a product I have been using for over a month now, product I found on my own and I am not reviewing it for any compensation. I just want to share my story about sensitive skin and how I found what works for me.

Skin type vs skin condition

Before we dive into the abyss called sensitive skin issues, first I would like to talk about the difference between skin type and skin condition. Sensitive skin is a type (of skin), while a condition is for example eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or allergic contact dermatitis.

The sensitive type

Sensitive skin type is described as type of skin that’s easily irritated or inflamed. It is not a skin condition though. It can, however, be caused by some of the medical skin conditions that I mentioned before.

Sensitive skin is:

  • very dry,
  • has a tendency to turn flushed and red easily,
  • skin reactions are caused by i.e. the environment or particular products.

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is the response of our skin (the organ) to a situation where the top layer – the epidermis – which protects our skin, is no longer as effective.
When that happens irritants have an easy way to get inside deeper layers of our skin and cause problems, irritations, inflammations etc.
In addition to irritations and other problems, when the top layer of skin is compromised, our skin loses moisture which leads to dehydration. Which is so not good.

What can cause sensitivity to your skin?

Many things, ranging from food, medication to ingredients and chemicals, stress levels, genetics, hormonal imbalance. The list goes on and on.

For the purpose of this post I will focus on products as a possible cause of sensitivity in my skin.

Before I tell you my story, I would like to mention few things to STOP doing right now.
Finding a right product for your sensitive skin can be a long process and removing potential culprits can only benefit your current state.

  • Avoid products with detergents or alcohols, perfumes, artificial colors, acids, retinols etc. – chemicals in general
  • Steer away from harsh exfoliants as they can aggravate sensitive skin. Pat, don’t rub, your face (and body) after showering, and finish with a lightweight moisturizer.
  • Showering – DO NOT put your face under the hot water. It dries out your skin even more, and makes it even more red.

Sensitive skin tips and tricks

Sensitive skin story of a thirty-something gal

Oh boy, Where to start? W h e r e t o s t a r t?

To be honest, I don`t remember having my (face) skin so sensitive while I was a kid, or in my teens, not even in my early 20s. I can remember starting to have sensitive skin problems in my mid 20s, and it only got worse from there.

My skin is extremely dry, but it “sweats” during the day so many, many “derma” experts always diagnosed me with combination skin, which was wrong. It took me years to figure it all out, but I guess that is life – you live and learn.

When you talk to your cosmetologists or dermatologists or any skin professional, please give them an extensive background of your skin (issues) so they can get a proper idea of the state you are in.

The issues I had with my skin were itchiness, burning sensations (when using some products), scaly spots, reaction to low temperatures in form of something resembling purple bruises. But the biggest problem I had with my sensitive skin was with face products.

Does coconut oil help?


Since I wrote this post, new information has come to my attention – coconut oil is “comedogenic” which in short means, it clogs your pores. And nobody wants that. Also, I left you a link to read more on comedogenic issues – you are welcome. I decided on that exact site for source because it has an amazing list of all the oils (which we are discussing here right?) their comedogenic rating number and how they help and or affect your skin. Hope this helps.

Even coconut oil. I know. I know. Coconut oil cures everything. But only if it is (super) organic and cold pressed. Extra virgin too! I tried it all. Makes my face red.
And the worst thing it does is – oils it but leaves it scaly and dry. I know it sounds contradictory but that is the fact.

EDIT #2: My face kind of changed (maybe due to the fact I stopped eating meat) and goes good with coconut oil. Regarding aforementioned comedogenic issues from edit #1 – I do not experience any issues when using coconut oil .

REMEMBER: this is NOT “One size fits all” advice, this is from my personal experience and you should use extensive research (especially if you have problematic skin) and common sense.

Face creams

When it comes to face creams, I tried many. Dermalogica, L`occitane, Clarins, Clinique … the list goes on. And on. Avene. La roche posay.

Nothing worked. My face burned like crazy, it blew up red, tomato red and left me in agony because I wanted to rip my face off.

I even tried some baby cremes – those were the worst. But that was on me. I am not a baby, my skin is different, but I thought – babies have “sensitive” skin (not in the same “issue” way as I do), their products must be good for me. Wrong! At least for me.

Then I came at the end of the road. I didn`t know what else I could do.

Dado Sens for sensitive skin

But then I was introduced to Dado Sens line of products. It is a German based line, and their face cream is perfect for my poor tired skin.
Dado sens skin care

Here is what the description on the product says:

Cares for and calms very sensitive facial skin. Strengthens the resistance of the skin. Can prevent reddening, burning and itching. Helps the skin to regain its natural balance. With liquorice root extract, aloe vera, thermal water.

  • Can also accompany therapy for perioral dermatitis
  • Developed for allergy sufferers – Tested for skin compatibility

100 % free from fragrance, colorant, parabens, paraffin, silicone, PEG, animal extracts (VEGAN).

Dado Sens sensitive skin care

I can not say enough about this face cream, so I also bought an eye cream.
No more redness or itchiness, just silky smooth skin. No more scaly skin on my cheeks and chin and finally, thanks to their amazing eye cream I can put something on my eyes.
In addition to sensitive skin I had a problem with all eye creams I ever tried. And regular creams I applied on my eyes (don`t do that!).   Every eye cream so far made my eyes water and burn. Not with Dado Sens.

Gentle soothing care for the sensitive eye area. Visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness thanks to a highly effective combination of organic ingredients, such as caffeine, macadamia nut oil and plum stone oil. The lotion has been dermatologically proven to reduce puffiness.

To treat puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
For more information on ingredients and other products they offer follow the links provided.

My care tips and tricks for sensitive thirty-something skin

If you made it so far – thank you. Thank you so much for reading, this was one long post.
But I wanted to share my story, my experiences and bad decisions regarding sensitive skin care, my journey and what I have learned along the way.
I want to emphasize that this is my story, what worked for me, on me, for my type of skin. Although sensitive skin-type is one type many people have, we all live different lives, have a different genetic and environmental  background and what might have worked for me, might not work for anyone else. But I hope it does.
Dado Sens line is available in Mueller stores in Europe (i bought it in Croatia where I live) but I saw on their website that they sell in US too.
The prices are super nice, around 20 EUR for the face cream.
As a precaution I would advise anyone to patch test the product before using them – especially if they contain unfamiliar ingredients.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, write an email or DM me on instagram.
REMEMBER: this is NOT “One size fits all” advice, this is from my personal experience and you should use extensive research (especially if you have problematic skin) and common sense.




The little things in life that make me happy

The key to your happiness are…

The Little things in life … are the most important things in the Universe! Those little, seemingly insignificant things in our daily life are exactly what makes us happy each and every day.

The rest (all those big stuff) is just a bonus.

So you have to start noticing the little things in life that make you happy. I am sure you are auto-piloting a number of them without even knowing that they once brought you joy. Or maybe they never did, you started doing them for some other reason, but the point is – they should.

Start paying attention to all the wonderful big little things in life that are shaping your path into happy future, you just need to be aware of them and how happy they are actually making you. When you do, you will always be happy.

And that is what we all want, right?

The little things in life currently making me happy

Little things in life that make me happy

What are the little things in life that make us happy, anyways?

They are whatever makes you feel happy when you are not, they are that something that makes you feel special, good, relaxed, thrilled – anything positive. The little things in life that make us happy are usually random and we “use” or experience them on a daily basis but not paying too much attention to them, not tuning in with our inner source and realizing how much those little things actually mean to us.

It can be sleeping in late, reading a book, having a spa or mani-pedi day, changing your hair color, putting on a new lipstick or listening your favorite song on repeat for the 756 time (which nobody but you needs to understand or like).

The little things in life can be literally anything and everything you want as long as it brings you joy.

My list of favorite little things in life is begins with a morning routine where I like to do all the stuff that is good, healthy and relaxing for me. I like to start my day very zen and very positive. After all the years of waking up at crack of dawn and needing 2 hours to get ready for work while multitasking and getting a bit neurotic, it is time to turn the table and do the things differently.

Also I like to listen to the music or some motivating podcast or speech while I get ready.
And while I always had my blinds down when I went to bed so the sun rising wouldn`t wake me (too early) last few days I am leaving the blinds up and falling a sleep to the light of the night and waking up to the sunrise. Nice, right?
And I am really enjoying that and appreciating the moment when I open my eyes and come to, I see the days rising. There is something uprising about that, at least for me.

Currently I am – loving, feeling, listening, touching, tasting, reading, dancing to … best little things in life

So, here is my list of the little things in life that are currently making me happy and this will to serve as a little checkup list for feelings and thoughts.

THINKING – less negative
FEELING – better and more positive
DREAMING – bigger
NEEDING – just enough
WANTING – but loving what I have
ENJOYING – my life and love

WATCHING – Imposters (it is funny, check it out)
READING – Door into Summer (nice SciFi)
LISTENING – Subeme la Radio (so guilty of replaying it, the counter at the moment says 94 repeats, I wont disclose in what time frame)
DOING – my #bujo and journal, even blogging!

EATING – mostly asian (and all the donuts)
DRINKING – water and herbal teas
COOKING – easy and quick
PLANNING – how to be even happier

This is it! My list for this week.
I am doing the same tracking in my bullet journal, so it will be nice to see the progress and the changes. I will share them here with you.

Also I would like to hear back from you, what do you think about this approach to life and what would you put on your list of the little thing in life that make YOU happy? Or on your #currently list.

Let me know in the comments! or an email if you are shy :)




Cheer up! It`s Monday. How to look forward to Monday?

Cheer up! It`s Monday is a new series I would like to introduce to my blog, under the Inner Bliss series.
The idea of the series is to start perceiving Monday as another awesome day of the week. I want to share with you all the reasons why Monday is equally awesome as Friday is. Even more so, I want to share all the reasons to look forward to Monday the whole weekend.

The purpose of Cheer up! It`s Monday is to pump you (and me) starting Saturday morning, so when the Sunday afternoon arrives you will still be high on the awesomeness of the weekend you had (nice and rested, full of energy and sparkle) but excited to start that amazing Monday you have been waiting so eagerly for.

Insane right?

How to look forward to Monday?

What is this Cheer up! It`s Monday series all about?

The purpose is to alter your (and mine too!) perception of the most dreaded day of the week. Poor Monday never did nothing to deserve such treatment and you do not deserve to be so blue every Sunday evening when you remember tomorrow is Monday.

There is no need (or point) to feel bad over any day of the week ever. Every day is an opportunity for us to feel awesome and to experience amazing things universe has set before us. The only problem is perception. Or energy, your thoughts. The stand you are having towards what is coming. And what is coming is another day that you can create any way you see fit.

Be a creator of your own awesome days, do not let other people that want to feel Monday`s blues color your day any color but the one that makes you happy.

Cheer up! It`s Monday

How to make Monday awesome?

In the Cheer up! It`s Monday series I will share things that make me happy, tips how to alter your vibe and how to pump up your vibration to pure happy and awesome.

With you, I want to explore all the ways we can get inspired to make Mondays awesome whether that is:

  • an outfit you can prepare on Saturday that will make Monday sparkle
  • new way to do your makeup, or to add some color
  • a list of plans and goals you want to start ASAP
  • anything that will make you feel Monday can`t come soon enough

Although this is just an intro post about the Cheer up! It`s Monday series,
I want to tell you that you should start with this today (tomorrow).

How to start to love your Monday today?

Take a moment or two before you go to bed and think about what would make tomorrow (any Monday) abso-fudgey-lutely amazing. If you want, you can make a list. I know I would. You can make a said list on a piece of paper, a notebook or you can use an app. Whatever rocks your boat and works best for you. Just do it.

You can start as big or as small as you want. Write your heart out and don`t worry about the number of items on your list, they are all awesome goals and important rockets of desire that will lead you into most awesome Mondays of your life and come true one at the time.

When you are done with your list, go over it and see which one can be done right now. The “easiest” one will get you going (do it!), it will start your sparkle and creative juices going and give you momentum and fill you with that thrill every Sunday afternoon dulls when you think it is Monday around the corner.
No more of that!

Hold on to that list. Revise it, add to it, admire it. That is your ticket to 365 awesome days of every year of your life.
Remember to peek on that list on Fridays and Saturdays so you can make needed preparations for your next super Monday.
I will remind you too.

Enjoy your Monday, I know I will.